The Palgrave Handbook of Dark Tourism Studies

Editors: Stone, Philip R., Hartmann, Rudi and Seaton, Tony
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Macmillan Publisher Int'l Ltd.

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ISBN: 978-1-137-47565-7
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Tourism & Hospitality
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Table of Contents

The first holistic academic study of dark tourism combines empirical case studies with 'real-world' viewpoints from the tourism industry and the media.

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Table of Contents

  • Section 1 Dark Tourism History
  • 1 Encountering Engineered and Orchestrated Remembrance: A Situational Model of Dark Tourism and Its History - Tony Seaton
  • 2 Crime, Punishment, and Dark Tourism: The Carnivalesque Spectacles of the English Judicial System - Tony Seaton and Graham M. S. Dann
  • 3 Death and the Tourist: Dark Encounters in Mid-Nineteenth-Century London via the Paris Morgue - John Edmondson
  • 4 The British Traveller and Dark Tourism in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Scandinavia and the Nordic Regions - Kathryn Walchester
  • 5 “The Smoke of an Eruption and the Dust of an Earthquake”: Dark Tourism, the Sublime, and the Re-animation of the Disaster Location - Jonathan Skinner
  • Section 2 Dark Tourism: Philosophy and Theory
  • 6 Thanatourism: A Comparative Approach - Erik Cohen
  • 7 Dark Tourism in an Increasingly Violent World - Jeffrey S. Podoshen
  • 8 Dark Tourism in an Age of ‘Spectacular Death’ - Philip R. Stone
  • 9 Dionysus Versus Apollo: An Uncertain Search for Identity Through Dark Tourism—Palestine as a Case Study - Rami K. Isaac and Vincent Platenkamp
  • 10 Dark Tourism as Psychogeography: An Initial Exploration - Richard Morten, Philip R. Stone and David Jarratt
  • Section 3 Dark Tourism, Society, and Culture
  • 11 Dark Tourism, Difficult Heritage, and Memorialisation: A Case of the Rwandan Genocide - Mona Friedrich, Philip R. Stone and Paul Rukesha
  • 12 ‘Pablo Escobar Tourism’—Unwanted Tourism: Attitudes of Tourism Stakeholders in Medellín, Colombia - Anne Marie Van Broeck
  • 13 Tourism Mobilities, Spectralities, and the Hauntings of Chernobyl - Kevin Hannam and Ganna Yankovska
  • 14 Disasters and Disaster Tourism: The Role of the Media - Richard Sharpley and Daniel Wright
  • 15 Denial of the Darkness, Identity and Nation-Building in Small Islands: A Case Study from the Channel Islands - Gilly Carr
  • Section 4 Dark Tourism and Heritage Landscapes
  • 16 Sites of Suffering, Tourism, and the Heritage of Darkness: Illustrations from the United States - Dallen J. Timothy
  • 17 From Celebratory Landscapes to Dark Tourism Sites? Exploring the Design of Southern Plantation Museums - Stephen P. Hanna, Derek H. Alderman and Candace Forbes Bright
  • 18 Dark Tourism to Seismic Memorial Sites - Yong Tang
  • 19 First World War Battlefield Tourism: Journeys Out of the Dark and into the Light - Dominique Vanneste and Caroline Winter
  • 20 Tourism to Memorial Sites of the Holocaust - Rudi Hartmann
  • Section 5 The ‘Dark Tourist’ Experience
  • 21 Unravelling Fear of Death Motives in Dark Tourism - Avital Biran and Dorina Maria Buda
  • 22 Politics of Dark Tourism: The Case of Cromañón and ESMA, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Maximiliano E. Korstanje and David Baker
  • 23 “I Know the Plane Crashed”: Children's Perspectives in Dark Tourism - Mary Margaret Kerr and Rebecca H. Price
  • 24 Dark Tourism Visualisation: Some Reflections on the Role of Photography - John J. Lennon
  • 25 Educating the (Dark) Masses: Dark Tourism and Sensemaking - Catherine Roberts
  • Section 6 The Business of Dark Tourism
  • 26 Marketing Dark Heritage: Building Brands, Myth-Making and Social Marketing - Geoffrey Bird, Morgan Westcott and Natalie Thiesen
  • 27 ‘Death as a Commodity’: The Retailing of Dark Tourism - Brent McKenzie
  • 28 Exhibiting Death and Disaster: Museological Perspectives - Elspeth Frew
  • 29 Souvenirs in Dark Tourism: Emotions and Symbols - Jenny Cave and Dorina Buda
  • 30 ‘Shining a Digital Light on the Dark’: Harnessing Online Media to Improve the Dark Tourism Experience - Peter Bolan and Maria Simone-Charteris
  • Erratum to: Dark Tourism as Psychogeography: An Initial Exploration