Handbook of Contemporary Islam and Muslim Lives

Editors: Lukens-Bull, Ronald and Woodward, Mark
Publication Year: 2021
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-3-03-032625-8
Category: Religion & Theology - Islam
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Table of Contents

Introduces a comprehensive overview of contemporary Islam, provides a link of continuity between the Muslim world and Muslims living and born in the West, and addresses every relevant topic of Islam studies.

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Table of Contents

    • Part I. Islam: Overview
    • Islam and Its History - Aaron W. Hughes
    • Muslims, Sacred Texts, and Laws in the Modern World - Ihsan Yilmaz
    • Shi‘a Islam in Practice - Edith Szanto
    • Sufism Between Past and Modernity - Joseph Hill
    • Islamophobia - Muhammad Yaseen Gada
    • Ismailis: A Pluralist Search for Universal Truth - Karim H. Karim
    • Part II. Contemporary Muslim Communities in Europe and Its Extensions
    • Muslim Minorities and Minority Fiqh - Matthew Reifsnider
    • Experiences of Muslims in Western Europe - Oliver Scharbrodt
    • Experience of Muslims in Eastern Europe - Egdunas Racius
    • Experience of Muslims in North America - Carole Barnsley
    • Experience of Muslims in Latin America - Silvia Montenegro
    • Experience of Muslims in Australia and New Zealand - Jacqui Ewart and Kate O'Donnell
    • Islamic Education in the West and Its Challenges - J. Mark Halstead
    • Part III. Contemporary Muslim Communities in the Middle East and North Africa
    • Experience of Muslim Communities in the Middle East and North Africa: Introduction - Zeba Khan
    • Islam in the Maghreb: Between Sufis and Salafis - Tuba Ünlü Bilgiç
    • Syria: From Popular Uprising to Civil War - Ikhlaq Ahmed
    • Debates on Political Islam: Analyzing the Writings of Egyptian Scholars, Hasan al Banna and Sayed Qutb - Shahid Raza Khan
    • Islam in Kurdistan: Religious Communities and Their Practices in Contemporary Northern Iraq - Edith Szanto
    • Yazidi Minority in Iraq - Fatemah Shayan
    • Higher Education in Iran - Mohammad Azizi
    • Part IV. Contemporary Muslim Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Experience of Muslims in East Africa - Erin E. Stiles
    • Experience of Muslims in Francophone West Africa - Marta G. Novo
    • Experience of Muslims in the Republic of South Africa: Historical Perspective - Muhammed Haron
    • Experience of Muslims in Southern Africa - Muhammed Haron
    • Part V. Contemporary Muslim Communities in Asia
    • The Lure of Islamism in Central Asia - Shahram Akbarzadeh
    • Historical and Sociopolitical Overview of Islam in China - Tugrul Keskin and Yang Chen
    • Raw (Sheng) and Cooked (Shu) Muslim Minorities: Islam, China, and the Loung Duree - Mark Woodward
    • Muslims in Malaysia - Danial Yusof
    • Muslims in Thailand and Burma - Mark Woodward and Raymond Scupin
    • Variation of Muslim Practice in Indonesia - Ronald Lukens-Bull and Mark Woodward
    • Islamic Revival in South Asia - Asif Mohiuddin
    • Shi‘a Isma‘ilis, Aga Khan III, and the Broader Discourse for Islamic Reform - Sahir Dewji
    • Part VI. Muslims and Contemporary Life
    • Muslims, Islam, and Globalization - Nassef Manabilang Adiong
    • Human Rights and Muslims - Leila Chamankhah
    • Islamic Finance in the Global North: Secular Incubators, Elementary Accommodation, and Strategic Negligence - Aaron Z. Pitluck and Shikshya Adhikari
    • Halal Food - Derya Iner and Amina Baghdadi
    • Contemporary Muslim Comedy - Jaclyn Michael
    • Music in Muslim Contexts - Mark Levine and Jonas Otterbeck
    • Muslim Popular Music - Mark LeVine and Jonas Otterbeck
    • “Cyber Ummah”: The Internet and Muslim Communities - Sahar Khamis
    • Muslims Learning Islam on the Internet - Moch Fakhruroji
    • Part VII. Muslims, Kinship, and Gender
    • Muslim Feminism: Contemporary Debates - Merve Kütük-Kuris
    • Masculinity and Muslims: Contemporary Debates - Joshua M. Roose
    • Contemporary Same-Sex Muslim Sexualities: Identities and Issues - Momin Rahman
    • Muslim Women: Contemporary Debates - Farjana Mahbuba and Sonja van Wichelen
    • Islamic Dress as Identity Politics Among Converts in the West - Géraldine Mossière
    • Muslim Families in the West - Manijeh Daneshpour and Iman Dadras
    • Muslim Youth and Contemporary Challenges - Nancy J. Smith-Hefner
    • Muslims and Assisted Reproduction - Kristin V. Monroe
    • Internet and Muslim Women - Eva F. Nisa
    • Muslim Marriage and Contemporary Challenges - Margherita Picchi
    • Part VIII. Muslims, Politics, and Extremism
    • Democracy and Muslims - Halim Rane
    • ISIS: Its History, Ideology, and Psychology - Katarzyna Jasko, ArieW. Kruglanski, Ahmad Saiful Rijal Bin Hassan, and Rohan Gunaratna
    • Muslims and Extremism - Tahir Abbas
    • Muslims and Terrorism - Mir Zohair Husain
    • Muslims, Secularism, and the State - Abdullah F. Alrebh
    • Madrasas and Extremism - Mohmad Waseem Malla
    • Part IX. Transnational Muslim Movements
    • Transnational Progressive Islam: Theory, Networks, and Lived Experience - Adis Duderija and Ani Osman Zonneveld
    • The Ahmadiyya Jama'at: A Question of Muslim Identity - Simon Ross Valentine
    • The Muslim Brotherhood A Contested Islamist Actor - Elisa Orofino
    • Tabligh Jama'at as an Emulatable Model of Faith Renewal - Jan A. Ali
    • Hizb ut-Tahrir - Elisa Orofino