The Palgrave Handbook of Ethnicity

Editor: Ratuva, Steven
Publication Year: 2020
Publisher: Macmillan Publisher Int'l Ltd.

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-9-81-132897-8
Category: Social Sciences - Ethnic Studies
Image Count: 50
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The Palgrave Handbook of Ethnicity provides a comprehensive and cutting edge analysis of ethnicity through diverse multi-disciplinary lenses and explores numerous aspects of ethnicity and how it is linked to a range of contemporary political, economic and social issues.

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Table of Contents

  • Exploring Global Ethnicity: A Broad Sociological Synopsis - Steven Ratuva
  • Part I: Nexus Between Ethnicity and Identity
  • Ethno-cultural Symbolism and Group Identity - Elya Tzaneva
  • Cultural Socialization and Ethnic Consciousness - Sara N. Amin
  • Historical Memory and Ethnic Myths - Cindy Zeiher
  • Indian Identity in South Africa - Kathryn Pillay
  • The State and Minority Nationalities (Ethnic Groups) in China - Roland Boer
  • Ethnic Blindness in Ethnically Divided Society: Implications for Ethnic Relations in Fiji - Romitesh Kant
  • Post-Arab Spring: The Arab World Between the Dilemma of the Nation-State and the Rise of Identity Conflicts - Hassanein Ali
  • Part II: The State, Society, and Ethnopolitics
  • The Significance of Ethno-politics in Modern States and Society - Joseph R. Rudolph
  • Religion and Political Mobilization - Jóhanna K. Birnir and Henry D. Overos
  • Foreign Military Occupations and Ethnicity - Radomir Compel
  • Ethnic Politics and Global Justice - Geoff Pfeifer
  • Shared Citizenship and Sovereignty: The Case of the Cook Islands’ and Niue's Relationship with New Zealand - Zbigniew Dumieński
  • State Hegemony and Ethnicity: Fiji's Problematic Colonial Past - Sanjay Ramesh
  • Ethnicity and Politics in Kenya - Jacob Mwathi Mati
  • Ethno-politics in the People's Republic of China - Matthew Hoddie
  • Ethnicity and Cultural Rights in Tibet - Jianxia Lin
  • Volga Tatars: Continuing Resilience in the Age of Uncertainty - Renat Shaykhutdinov
  • Identity and Conflict in Northern Ireland - Cathal McManus
  • Immigration Policy and Left-Right Politics in Western Europe - Trevor J. Allen and Misty Knight-Finley
  • Lost in Europe: Roma and the Search for Political Legitimacy - Neil Cruickshank
  • Part III: Stereotypes and Prejudices
  • Race and Racism: Some Salient Issues - Vijay Naidu
  • Media and Stereotypes - Tara Ross
  • Japanese Representation in Philippine Media - Karl Ian Uy Cheng Chua
  • Racism in Colonial Zimbabwe - Alois S. Mlambo
  • Ethnic Riots in United Kingdom in 2001 - Paul Bagguley and Yasmin Hussain
  • Racialized Identity Under Apartheid in South Africa - Suryakanthie Chetty
  • Racism and Stereotypes - Paul Spoonley
  • Discussing Contemporary Racial Justice in Academic Spaces: Minimizing Epistemic Exploitation While Neutralizing White Fragility - Adele Norris
  • Ethnicity, Race, and Black People in Europe - Stephen Small
  • Part IV: Ethno-nationalism and Power
  • Contemporary Ethnic Politics and Violence - Adis Maksic
  • Ethnic Conflict and Militias - Andrew Thomson
  • Evolution of Palestinian Civil Society and the Role of Nationalism, Occupation, and Religion - Yaser Alashqar
  • Ethno-nationalism and Political Conflict in Bosnia (Europe) - Aleksandra Zdeb
  • Ethnic Conflicts and Peace-Building - Sergio Luiz Cruz Aguilar
  • Ethnicity and Violence in Sri Lanka: An Ethnohistorical Narrative - Premakumara de Silva, Farzana Haniffa and Rohan Bastin
  • Ethno-communal Conflict in Sudan and South Sudan - Johan Brosché
  • Patterns and Drivers of Communal Conflict in Kenya - Emma Elfversson
  • Elites in Between Ethnic Mongolians and the Han in China - Chelegeer
  • Ethnicity and Cultural Wounding: Ethnic Conflict, Loss of Home, and the Drive to Return - Amanda Kearney
  • Constitutional Features of Presidential Elections and the Failure of Cross-ethnic Coalitions to Institutionalize - M. Bashir Mobasher
  • The Making of a Mobile Caliphate State in the African Sahel - Hamdy Hassan
  • Consequences of Globalization for the Middle East Political Geography - Mostafa Entezarulmahdy
  • National Imaginary, Ethnic Plurality, and State Formation in Indonesia - Paul J. Carnegie
  • Ethno-nationalism and Ethnic Dynamics in Trinidad and Tobago: Toward Designing an Inclusivist Form of Governance - Ralph Premdas
  • Islam in Trinidad - Nasser Mustapha
  • Part V: Indigeneity, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Indigenous Rights and Neoliberalism in Latin America - Jeffrey A. Gardner and Patricia Richards
  • Settler Colonialism and Biculturalism in Aotearoa/New Zealand - Jessica Terruhn
  • Nuclear Testing and Racism in the Pacific Islands - Nic Maclellan
  • Nagas Identity and Nationalism: Indigenous Movement of the Zeliangrong Nagas in the North East India - Aphun Kamei
  • Reclaiming Hawaiian Sovereignty - Keakaokawai Varner Hemi
  • Perpetual Exclusion and Second-Order Minorities in Theaters of Civil Wars - Jovanie Camacho Espesor
  • Indigenous Australian Identity in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts - Michael Davis
  • China: Modernization, Development, and Ethnic Unrest in Xinjiang - Kate Hannan
  • Ethnicity and Class Nexus: A Philosophical Approach - Rodrigo Luiz Cunha Gonsalves
  • Islamic Identity and Sexuality in Indonesia - Sharyn Graham Davies
  • LGBT and Ethnicity - Arjun Rajkhowa
  • Migration and Managing Manhood: Congolese Migrant Men in South Africa - Joseph Rudigi Rukema and Beatrice Umubyeyi
  • Race and Sexuality: Colonial Ghosts and Contemporary Orientalisms - Monique Mulholland
  • Part VI: Globalization and Diaspora
  • Diaspora as Transnational Actors: Globalization and the Role of Ethnic Memory - Masaki Kataoka
  • Global Chinese Diaspora - Zhifang Song
  • Greek Identity in Australia - Rebecca Fanany and Maria-Irini Avgoulas
  • Italian Identity in the United States - Stefano Luconi
  • Faamatai: A Globalized Pacific Identity - Melani Anae
  • Migrant Illegalization and Minoritized Populations - Paloma E. Villegas and Francisco J. Villegas
  • Indian Diaspora in New Zealand - Todd Nachowitz
  • Ethnic Migrants and Casinos in Singapore and Macau - Juan Zhang
  • Ethnic Minorities and Criminalization of Immigration Policies in the United States - Felicia Arriaga
  • Diaspora and Ethnic Contestation in Guyana - Ralph Premdas and Bishnu Ragoonath
  • Part VII: Ethnic Relations and Policy Responses
  • Role of Crown Health Policy in Entrenched Health Inequities in Aotearoa, New Zealand - Sarah Herbert, Heather Came, Tim McCreanor and Emmanuel Badu
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Secondary Students’ Experiences of Racism - Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Treena Clark and Shannon Foster
  • Stereotypes of Minorities and Education - Jean M. Allen and Melinda Webber
  • Rural Farmer Empowerment Through Organic Food Exports: Lessons from Uganda and Ghana - Kristen Lyons
  • Local Peacebuilding After Communal Violence - Birgit Bräuchler
  • Cultural Identity and Textbooks in Japan: Japanese Ethnic and Cultural Nationalism in Middle-School History Textbooks - Ryota Nishino
  • Asian Americans and the Affirmative Action Debate in the United States - Mitchell James Chang
  • Affirmative Action: Its Nature and Dynamics - Ralph Premdas
  • Negotiating Ethnic Conflict in Deeply Divided Societies: Political Bargaining and Power Sharing as Institutional Strategies - Madhushree Sekher, Mansi Awasthi, Allen Thomas, Rajesh Kumar and Subhankar Nayak
  • Part VIII: Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide
  • The Threat of Genocide: Understanding and Preventing the “Crime of Crimes” - Eyal Mayroz
  • Separation Versus Reunification: Institutional Stagnation and Conflict Between Iraq and Kurdistan Region - Nyaz N. Noori
  • Ethnic Cleansing of the Rohingya People - Nasir Uddin
  • Displaced Minorities: The Wayuu and Miskito People - Christian Cwik
  • Ethnic Conflict and Genocide in Rwanda - Wendy Lambourne
  • Part IX: Ethnicity, Migration, and Labor
  • Policing Ethnic Minorities: Disentangling a Landscape of Conceptual and Practice Tensions - Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron and Nicole L. Asquith
  • Romanian Identity and Immigration in Europe - Remus Gabriel Anghel, Stefánia Toma and László Fosztó
  • Refugee Protection and Settlement Policy in New Zealand - Louise Humpage
  • Indian Indentured Laborers in the Caribbean - Sherry-Ann Singh
  • New Middle-Class Labor Migrants - Sam Scott
  • Slavery, Health, and Epidemics in Mauritius 1721–1860 - Sadasivam Jaganada Reddi and Sheetal Sheena Sookrajowa
  • The Legacy of Indentured Labor - Kathleen Harrington-Watt
  • Global Capitalism and Cheap Labor: The Case of Indenture - Brinsley Samaroo
  • United Nations Migrant Workers Convention - Sheetal Sheena Sookrajowa and Antoine Pécoud
  • The Rhetoric of Hungarian Premier Victor Orban: Inside X Outside in the Context of Immigration Crisis - Bruno Mendelski
  • Different Legacies, Common Pressures, and Converging Institutions: The Politics of Muslim Integration in Austria and Germany - Ryosuke Amiya-Nakada
  • Intended Illegal Infiltration or Compelled Migration: Debates on Settlements of Rohingya Muslims in India - Sangit Kumar Ragi
  • Indonesia and ASEAN Responses on Rohingya Refugees - Badrus Sholeh
  • Part X: Cultural Celebration and Resistance
  • Rewriting the World: Pacific People, Media, and Cultural Resistance - Sereana Naepi and Sam Manuela
  • Kava and Ethno-cultural Identity in Oceania - S. Apo Aporosa
  • Museums and Identity: Celebrating Diversity in an Ethnically Diverse World - Tarisi Vunidilo
  • Artistic Expressions and Ethno-cultural Identity: A Case Study of Acehnese Body Percussion in Indonesia - Murtala Murtala, Alfira O'Sullivan and Paul H. Mason
  • Ethnic Film in South Africa: History, Meaning, and Change - Gairoonisa Paleker
  • Multiculturalism and Citizenship in the Netherlands - Igor Boog
  • Correction to: Diaspora and Ethnic Contestation in Guyana