The Schlager Anthology of Westward Expansion: A Student's Guide to Essential Primary Sources

Editor: Seman, Jennifer Koshatka
Publication Year: 2022
Publisher: Schlager Group Inc.

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-1-93-530660-3
Category: History - United States -- History
Image Count: 71
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The Schlager Anthology of Westward Expansion offers an accessible, inclusive sourcebook covering a pivotal era in U.S. history.

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Table of Contents

  • Reader's Guide
  • Contributors
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: “The destinies of nations and of men”: Conquering the West
  • John Winthrop: “A Model of Christian Charity”
  • Saukamappee: “Death Came Over Us All”
  • Jedidiah Morse: The American Geography
  • Western Confederacy: Message to the Commissioners of the United States
  • Thomas Jefferson: Second Inaugural Address
  • Tecumseh: Address to General William Henry Harrison at Vincennes, Indiana Territory
  • Tecumseh: Speech to the Osage
  • Cherokee Women Address Their Nation
  • Manuel de Mier y Terán: Letter to the Pueblo Viejo Minister of War
  • Benjamin Lundy: “Conditions for African Americans in Mexican Texas”
  • Andrew Jackson: “To the Cherokee Tribe of Indians”
  • Antonio López de Santa Anna: Message to the Inhabitants of Texas
  • Stephen F. Austin: Address in Louisville, Kentucky, March 7, 1836
  • Juan Nepomuceno Seguín: A Tejano Leader Calls for Support of the Texas Revolution
  • John Ross: Letter to Congress
  • Juan Nepomuceno Seguín: Personal Memoirs of John N. Seguín
  • James K. Polk: Inaugural Address
  • Frederick Douglass: “The War with Mexico”
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • U.S. General Land Office Map of the United States
  • Oregon Exclusion Law
  • The Other Side; or, Notes for the History of the War between Mexico and the United States
  • Chapter 2: “From hill to hill and from valley to valley”: Remaking the West
  • Joseph Blaney Starkweather: “African Americans Working at Spanish Flat, California Gold Mine”
  • “Song of Gold Mountain”
  • Mason v. Smith
  • Pun Chi: A Chinese Merchant Petitions Congress to Address Anti-Chinese Abuse
  • Homestead Act
  • Joseph Cramer: Letter to Major Ed Wynkoop about the Sand Creek Massacre
  • “George Bent and Magpie”
  • Frederick Douglass: “Our Composite Nationality”
  • John Gast: American Progress
  • “Exodusters: African American Homesteaders”
  • “Ho for Kansas” Exoduster Flyer
  • Chief Joseph: “An Indian's View of Indian Affairs”
  • John Nicholas Choate: “Before and After”
  • Thomas Nast: “Every Dog (No Distinction of His Color) Has His Day”
  • Chinese Exclusion Act
  • Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins: Life among the Piutes
  • Charles Siringo: A Texas Cow Boy
  • Ely Parker: Letter to Harriet Maxwell Converse about Indian Policy Reform
  • “The Chrisman Sisters Outside Their Nebraska Sod House in 1886”
  • Dawes Severalty Act
  • John Muir: “The Treasures of the Yosemite”
  • “The National Boundary Line at Nogales”
  • William T. Selwyn and Kuwapi: “It Is the New Messiah”
  • Wounded Knee Massacre: Statements and Eyewitness Accounts
  • Richard H. Pratt: “Kill the Indian, and Save the Man”
  • Frederick Jackson Turner: “The Significance of the Frontier in American History”
  • Two Moons: A Cheyenne Description of the Battle of the Little Bighorn River
  • Kimiko Ono: “Working in the Fields and the Home”
  • John Muir: “The American Forests”
  • Charles Eastman: Indian Boyhood.
  • American Antiquities Act
  • Little Bear: Account of the Sand Creek Massacre
  • “Los Padrinos en los Funerales de Don Pedrito”
  • Elinore Pruitt Stewart: Letters of a Woman Homesteader
  • “Indian Land for Sale” Poster
  • Chapter 3: “Invasion of progress…progress of invasion”: Extending Conquest Overseas
  • Grover Cleveland: Message to Congress on Hawaiian Sovereignty
  • William McKinley: Message to Congress about Cuban Intervention
  • William McKinley: “Benevolent Assimilation” Proclamation
  • Clara Barton: The Red Cross in Peace and War
  • Louis Dalrymple: “School Begins”
  • Platform of the American Anti-Imperialist League
  • William McKinley: Home Market Club Speech
  • William McKinley: Statement to the General Missionary Committee of the Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Henry Cabot Lodge: Speech on the Retention of the Philippine Islands
  • Emil Flohri: “And, After All, the Philippines Are Only the Stepping-Stone to China”
  • William McKinley: Last Speech
  • José María Vargas Vila: Facing the Barbarians
  • Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
  • Chapter 4: “Do not get lost on this new trail”: Remembering and Representing the West
  • Ulysses S. Grant: Memoir on the Mexican War
  • Sacagawea Monument, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
  • “Death of Custer”
  • Charles Eastman: From the Deep Woods to Civilization
  • Zitkala-Ša: “The Cutting of My Long Hair”
  • Luther Standing Bear: “The Plains Were Covered with Dead Bison”
  • Nicholas Black Elk: “The Butchering at Wounded Knee”
  • List of Documents by Category