Advances in Psychology, Mental Health, and Behavioral Studies: Handbook of Research on Clinical Applications of Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Mental Health

Editor: Gupta, Sanjeev Kumar
Publication Year: 2022
Publisher: IGI Global

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ISBN: 978-1-7998-8682-2
Category: Psychology
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Table of Contents

Covering topics including mindful parenting, mediation, trauma-informed work, and psychological trauma recovery, Clinical Applications of Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Mental Health presents mindfulness-based interventions in clinical and non-clinical conditions.

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Table of Contents

    • Book Series
    • Editorial Advisory Board
    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Acknowledgment
    • Section 1: Overview of Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Practices
    • Chapter 1: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Mental Health
    • Chapter 2: An Overview of Mindfulness and Its Implications for Children and Adolescents
    • Chapter 3: Is There a Right Way to Parent?
    • Chapter 4: Mindful Eating
    • Chapter 5: Mindfulness-Based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
    • Chapter 6: Mindfulness and the Elderly
    • Section 2: Clinical Application of Mindfulness-Based Interventions
    • Chapter 7: Mindfulness-Based Interventions and Parent-Child Relationship in Parents of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Chapter 8: Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Caregivers (Parents) of Children With Cerebral Palsy
    • Chapter 9: Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Chapter 10: Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Psychosis
    • Chapter 11: Mindfulness-Based Therapy in the Management of Tinnitus
    • Chapter 12: Medical Burnout
    • Chapter 13: Mindfulness-Based Well-Being Interventions in Organizations and the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Section 3: Meditation, Mindfulness, Health, and Healing
    • Chapter 14: Mindfulness Through Mantram and Inspired Passage Meditation
    • Chapter 15: Interpersonal Aspects of Mindfulness and Concentrative Meditations
    • Chapter 16: The No-Self of Zen/Gen
    • Chapter 17: Yoga for Attaining the State of Mindfulness
    • Chapter 18: Experiences of Meditation on Twin Hearts by Naive Practitioners
    • Chapter 19: Spiritual Emergency
    • Section 4: Mindfulness and Education
    • Chapter 20: Digital Distractions, Mindfulness, and Academic Performance With Undergraduate College Students
    • Chapter 21: Mindfulness in Education
    • Compilation of References
    • About the Contributors