The SAGE Handbook of Learning and Work

Editors: Malloch, Margaret, Cairns, Len and Evans, Karen
Publication Year: 2022
Publisher: Sage UK

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-1-52-649111-4
Category: Social Sciences - Education
Image Count: 32
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This Handbook takes the consideration of this topic into a new realm, moving beyond the singular linking of identity, learning and work to embrace a more holistic appreciation of learners and their life-long learning.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Notes on the Editors and Contributors
  • Introduction - Margaret Malloch, Len Cairns, Karen Evans, and Bridget N. O'Connor
  • Part I: Theoretical Perspectives of Learning and Work - Introduction: Len Cairns
  • 1. Learning and Work: Theories and Developments - Len Cairns
  • 2. The Co-Occurrence of Work, Learning, and Innovation: Advancing Workers’ Learning and Work Practices - Stephen Billett
  • 3. Learning, Work and Mindfulness: Exploring the Potential of Contemplative Practices in Vocational Education and Training - Terry Hyland
  • 4. Integrating Work and Learning in Higher Education and VET: A Theoretical Point of View - Päivi Tynjälä, Hannu L.T. Heikkinen and Eeva K. Kallio
  • 5. Heutagogy, Work and Lifelong Learning - Stewart Hase and Lisa Marie Blaschke
  • 6. Multi-Level Expansive Learning in Work-Life Networks: Developmental Work Research Perspective - Hanna Toiviainen
  • 7. Adaptivity between Professional Learning and Education: The Development of Flexible Expertise in Work-Based Settings - Loek Nieuwenhuis, Lia Fluit and Wietske Kuijer-Siebelink
  • 8. The Transformation of Learning: From Learning Organizations to a Landscape of Ecosystems - Maarit H. Virolainen, Hannu L.T. Heikkinen, Sirpa Laitinen-Väänänen and Juhani Rautopuro
  • 9. Studying Diverse Learning Spaces at Work Together with People who Learn and Work: Multiple Levels of Reflection - Elina Maslo
  • 10. Liquid Learning: Re-Conceiving the Lived-in-World - Terri Seddon
  • Part II: Intersections of Learning and Work in Organizations and Beyond - Introduction: Bridget N. O'Connor
  • 11. From Work-based Learning to Learning-based Work: Exploring the Changing Relationship between Learning and Work - Victoria J. Marsick, Rachel Fichter and Karen E. Watkins
  • 12. A Dialectical Perspective on Mind, Culture and Occupation as Illustrated by the Case of Nursing in Canada - Peter H. Sawchuk
  • 13. The Future is in the Present: Learning and Organizing in the Field of Organizational Learning - Bente Elkjaer
  • 14. The Development and Impact of Professional Doctorates - Carol Costley and David Boud
  • 15. Critical Reflection, Leadership, and the Public Good: A Chief Learning Officer Perspective - Shahron Williams van Rooij
  • 16. Trends and Directions in Organizational Human Capital Development: Building an Engaging Culture that Supports Learning and Talent Development - Rebecca L. Ray, Amy Lui Abel, and Amanda Popiela
  • 17. Motivating the Millennials to Learn and Thrive at Work: How can Mentoring Help? - Rajashi Ghosh and Ague Mae Manongsong
  • 18. Executive Coaching as a Learning Strategy - Marc B. Sokol
  • 19. Digital Learning in Healthcare: Where We Are and Where We Are Going - Elizabeth A. Regan, Ajmal M. Agha, and Robert G. Brookshire
  • 20. Digitalization of Work: Challenges for Workplace Learning - Christian Harteis, Michael Goller and Karl-Heinz Gerholz
  • Part III: Learning Throughout Working Lives and Beyond - Introduction: Karen Evans
  • 21. What's New about Lifelong Learning, and What Does it Mean for Working Lives? - Karen Evans
  • 22. Biographical Learning and Midlife Career Transitions - Anders Hallqvist
  • 23. Smart Learning Cities Promoting Lifelong Learning through Working Lives - Michael Osborne, Srabani Maitra and Agnieszka Uflewska
  • 24. Investigating Generations and Knowledge in Workplaces: A Cultural-Historical Approach - Maria Cristina Migliore
  • 25. Working at the Boundaries: Learning and Development of Non-Permanent Workers - Helen Bound
  • 26. Professional Education, Professional Work, and their Connections: A Conversation - Alison Taylor
  • 27. Rethinking International Development, Lifelong Learning, and Work - Moses Oketch
  • 28. Challenges Migrant Students Face in Vocational Education and Training: Examples from a Health Care Programme - Marianne Teräs
  • 29. Use of Intelligent Virtual Assistants in Lifelong Learning for Persons with Visual Impairments - Michele Forbes and Johanna Lasonen
  • 30. Enhancing the Life Chances and Social Participation of Young Adults through Workplace Learning - Natasha Kersh, Natalia Zaichenko, Liudmila Zaichenko
  • Part IV: Issues and Challenges to Learning and Work - Introduction: Margaret Malloch
  • 31. Thinking about the Future: the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Waged Labour and Anti-Work - James Avis
  • 32. Learning, Work and Education for Sustainability - Frances Quinn, Karsten Zegwaard, Subhashni Taylor and Neil Taylor
  • 33. Technology: Challenges and Issues for Learning and Work - Len Cairns
  • 34. Social Media, Learning and Work - Alison Fox
  • 35. Approaches to International Comparative Research in Learning and Work - Matthias Pilz and Junmin Li
  • 36. Vocational Education and Training in Cuba: A Process of Changes Towards Learning in the Workplace - Margaret Malloch, Juan Alberto Mena Lorenzo, Jorge Luis Mena Lorenzo, Lázaro Moreno Herrera and Pedro Luis Yturria Montenegro
  • 37. Redefining Education and Work Relations: VET Overcoming the Financial Crisis in Spain - Ignacio Martínez-Morales and Fernando Marhuenda-Fluixá
  • 38. Vocational Education and Training in Australia: A Shifting Landscape - Margaret Malloch
  • 39. Where did the Learning Go? Artificial Intelligence, ‘Use Sovereignty’ and ‘Pixarfication’ in Factories of the Future - John Preston
  • 40. Education 4.0: Is Characterising and Harmonising Intelligences a Way of Thinking about a Pedagogy 4.0 for Higher Education - Andrew Ravenscroft, Phil Richards and Michael Bunce