The SAGE Handbook of Domestic Violence

Editor: Shackelford, Todd K.
Publication Year: 2021
Publisher: Sage UK

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-1-52-649486-3
Category: Social Sciences - Criminology & Law
Image Count: 10
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Domestic Violence provides a rich overview of the most important theoretical and empirical work in the field, organized by relationship type.

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Table of Contents

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  • Notes on the Editor and Contributors
  • Part I: Men's Violence Against Women
  • 1. Contesting Femicide: Social Movements and the Politics of Men's Violence against Female Intimate Partners - Alison Brysk and Jesilyn Faust
  • 2. Public Policy and Laws Addressing Men's Violence against Female Intimate Partners - Suzanne Zaccour
  • 3. International and Cross-Cultural Research on Men's Violence against Female Intimate Partners - Lata Satyen, Meu Supol, Archna Ranganathan, and John W. Toumbourou
  • 4. Men's Non-Lethal Physical Abuse of Female Intimate Partners - Chunrye Kim and Raquel Kennedy Bergen
  • 5. Sexual Violence Perpetrated by Men against Women in Intimate Relationships - Meredith Bagwell-Gray
  • 6. Men's Psychological Violence against Women - Eva Aizpurua and Ciara O'Connell
  • 7. Economic Abuse and Women's Sexual Autonomy: Evidence from Ghana - Eric Y. Tenkorang
  • 8. Familicide: The Killing of Spouse and Children by Men - Marieke Liem
  • 9. Homicide–Suicide by Men against Female Intimate Partners - Sonia Salari and Carrie L. Sillito
  • 10. Domestic Violence and Homelessness Among Women - Helena Menih
  • 11. Posttraumatic Growth among Female Survivors and Male Perpetrators of Domestic Violence - Kara Pado and Kanako Taku
  • 12. The Role of Masculinity in the Perpetration of Relationship Violence - Michele R. Parkhill and Travis N. Ray
  • Part II: Women's Violence Against Men
  • 13. Public Policy and Laws Addressing Women's Violence against Male Intimate Partners - Andreia Machado and Marlene Matos
  • 14. Women's Use of Non-Lethal Violence against Men - Elizabeth A. Bates and Meagan Poynton
  • 15. Women's Sexual Violence of Male Intimate Partners - Joana Carvalho and Nélio Brazão
  • 16. Women's Psychological Abuse of Male Intimate Partners - Günnur Karakurt
  • 17. Women's Economic Abuse and Control of Male Intimate Partners - Jozica J. Kutin
  • 18. Partner-Killing of Men by Female Intimate Partners - Bitna Kim
  • 19. Familicide (Killing of Spouse and Children) by Women - Margarita Poteyeva
  • 20. Homicide–Suicide by Women against Intimate Partners - Wendy C. Regoeczi and Randolph Roth
  • Part III: Violence Against Partners in Homosexual Relationships
  • 21. The Help-Seeking Process in Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence - Luca Rollè, Fabrizio Santoniccolo, and Tommaso Trombetta
  • 22. Police Perceptions of Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in Same-Sex Relationships - Sofi Oskarsson and Susanne Strand
  • 23. Physical Abuse and Control of Intimate Partners in LGBTQ+ Relationships - Philippa Laskey
  • 24. Sexual Abuse of Intimate Partners in Homosexual Relationships - Lisa K. Waldner
  • Part IV: Mothers’ Violence Against Children
  • 25. Infanticide and the Law - Aleksandra Bacewicz and Susan Hatters Friedman
  • 26. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: The Maternal Perpetrator and Child Victim - Brittany Abeln, Victoria Towers, and Rene Love
  • 27. Mothers who Neglect their Children - Sandra T. Azar and Melanie D. Hetzel-Riggin
  • 28. Mothers’ Non-Lethal Physical Abuse of Children - Christina M. Rodriguez
  • 29. Child Murder by the Mother - Susan Hatters Friedman, Alyssa Beda, and Shaina Logemann
  • Part V: Father's Violence Against Children
  • 30. Public Policy and Laws Addressing Father's Violence against Children - Katreena Scott and Nicole Loncar
  • 31. Fathers’ Neglect of Children - Abdul Khaleque
  • 32. Paternal Filicide – The Killing of Children by Fathers - James E. McCarroll, Joscelyn E. Fisher, Stephen J. Cozza, and Ronald J. Whalen
  • Part VI: Other Circumstances of Neglect, Abuse, and Violence Against Children
  • 33. Violence against Children by Stepparents - Agata Debowska, George Hales, and Daniel Boduszek
  • 34. Violence against Children by Mother's Cohabiting Partner - William Schneider
  • 35. Grandparent Violence against Children - Peggy S. Keller and Faith VanMeter
  • 36. Violence against Children by Teachers - Finiki Nearchou
  • 37. Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse by Non-Parental Caregivers in Swedish Preschools - Anna Westberg Broström and Helena Bergström
  • 38. Religious Practices That Have Contributed to a Culture of Secrecy Regarding Child Sex Abuse in Five Religious Organizations - Marci A. Hamilton
  • 39. Violence against Children by Peers - Claudio Longobardi, Matteo Angelo Fabris, and Laura Badenes-Ribera
  • 40. Child Maltreatment in Military Communities - Christin M. Ogle, Ronald J. Whalen, and Stephen J. Cozza
  • 41. Violence against Children and Family Polyvictimization - Ko Ling Chan and QiQi Chen
  • 42. Corporal Punishment in the Ultra-Orthodox Community in Israel: Gaps between the Perceptions of Social Workers and Fathers - Netanel Gemara and Yochay Nadan
  • 43. Domestic Violence against Immigrant Women and Children in the United States - Shreya Bhandari and Maya Ragavan
  • Part VII: Violence Against Siblings
  • 44. International and Cross-Cultural Research on Conflict and Violence between Siblings - Kirsten L. Buist
  • 45. Non-Lethal Physical Abuse of Siblings - Inês Carvalho Relva, Madalena Alarcão, Natalie Harrison, and Otília Monteiro Fernandes
  • 46. Sexual Abuse of Siblings - John Caffaro
  • 47. The Developmental Impact of Sibling Abuse: Understanding Emotional Implications in the Context of Family Dysfunction - Amy Meyers
  • 48. Financial Abuse and Control of Siblings - Roxanne Khan and Gayle Brewer
  • 49. Killing of Siblings in Humans - Hans Hämäläinen, Antti O. Tanskanen, and Mirkka Danielsbacka
  • 50. Conflict and Violence in Avian Siblings: A Natural History Perspective - Nicholas D. Antonson and Mark E. Hauber
  • Part VIII: Violence Against Parents
  • 51. International and Cross-Cultural Research on Violence against Parents - Amanda Holt
  • 52. Sexual Abuse of Parents - Hannah Bows and Simon Hackett
  • 53. Psychological Abuse of Parents - Joana Del Hoyo-Bilbao and Ismael Loinaz
  • 54. The Killing of Parents in Humans - Kathleen M. Heide
  • Part IX: Violence Against Other Family Members
  • 55. Social Movements and Politics of Violence in Cohabiting Non-Marital Families - Anna W. M. Choi, Pik Ying Chan, Alhassan Abdullah, Peter Y. L. To, and Barbara C. Y. Lo
  • 56. Killing of Stepparents by Stepchildren - Phillip C. Shon
  • 57. Violence against Stepsiblings - Donald E. Greydanus, Christine Tran Vu, and Julianna Lautenschleger
  • 58. Killing of Stepsiblings - Jessica A. Hehman, Catherine A. Salmon, and Emily R. Villeneuve
  • 59. Violence against Family Pets - Sara C. Haden, Shelby E. McDonald, and Jennifer L. Murphy
  • 60. Intimate Partner Violence in Teen Relationships - Sarah Bekaert and Jane V. Appleton
  • 61. Family Violence and Abuse against Non-Parental Caregivers: An Australian Perspective - Ann MacRae, Rachel Breman, and David Vicary