The Spreading Flame: The Rise and Progress of Christianity from Its First Beginning to Eighth-Century England

Editor/Author Bruce, F.F.
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Kingsley Books, Inc

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ISBN: 978-1-912149-11-7
Category: Religion & Theology - Christianity
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

Bruce gives the reader a feel for the evangelistic fervor of the Apostles and the early Christians in a resource filled with solid, well-reasoned, richly researched facts.

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Table of Contents

  • Publisher's Introduction
  • Preface
  • Part I: The Dawn of Christianity
  • I. Strangers in Corinth
  • II. When the Time was Ripe
  • III. A Light for the Nations
  • IV. The Light Shines in the Darkness
  • V. The Darkness Did Not Put it Out
  • VI. The New Community
  • VII. The Rabbi of Tarsus
  • VIII. Antioch on the Orontes
  • IX. Advance in Palestine
  • X. The Council of Jerusalem
  • XI. Into Europe
  • XII. Paul and His Converts
  • XIII. Diana of the Ephesians
  • XIV. Christianity at Rome
  • XV. Palestine: The End of the Beginning
  • Part II: The Growing Day
  • XVI. The Things That Are Not Cesar's
  • XVII. The Fiery Trial
  • XVIII. Christian Life and Worship
  • XIX. Church Government
  • XX. Relations Between Churches
  • XXI. Prophets and Montanists
  • XXII. The New Testament Writings
  • XXIII. Marcion And After
  • XXIV. The Earliest Christian Creed
  • XXV. Early Christian Heresies
  • XXVI. Defining the Faith
  • XXVII. The Jews After A.D. 70
  • XXVIII. Jews and Christians in Western Asia.
  • XXIX. Christianity Farther East
  • Part III: Light in the West
  • XXX. Constantine and Christianity
  • XXXI. The Council of Nicaea
  • XXXII. From Nicaea to Chalcedon
  • XXXIII. Imperial Decline
  • XXXIV. Five Leading Churchmen
  • XXXV. The Monastic Life
  • XXXVI. Early British Christianity
  • XXXVII. Beyond the Roman Wall
  • XXXVIII. The Apostle of Ireland
  • XXXIX. The Iona Community
  • XL. Evangelizing the English
  • XLI. England Takes Up the Torch
  • Postscript
  • F.F. Bruce
  • Other Books By F.F. Bruce