Health Reference Series: Health Technology Sourcebook

Editor: Hayes, Kevin
Publication Year: 2021
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

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ISBN: 978-1-80316-060-3
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
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Table of Contents

Health Technology Sourcebook, Second Edition provides facts about health technology, telehealth, its expansion benefits, and uses during COVID-19, telemedicine technology, digital health, innovations in preventive medicine, screening and detection, imaging, and patient monitoring services.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part 1. Introduction to Health Technology
  • Chapter 1—Understanding Medical Technology
  • Chapter 2—Basics of Telehealth
  • Chapter 3—Health Technology Assessment
  • Chapter 4—Technology and Healthcare Expenditure
  • Chapter 5—Digital Health
  • Chapter 6—Blockchain Technology
  • Chapter 7—The Internet of Things
  • Part 2. Technology and Preventive Healthcare
  • Chapter 8—Types of Telemedicine Technology
  • Chapter 9—Digital Innovations in Preventive Medicine
  • Chapter 10—Medical Device Data Systems
  • Chapter 11—Medical Device Interoperability
  • Chapter 12—Clinical Decision Support
  • Chapter 13—Big Data
  • Chapter 14—Screening and Detection Technologies
  • Part 3. Diagnostic Technology
  • Chapter 15—Imaging Services
  • Chapter 16—Advances in Imaging
  • Chapter 17—Advanced Imaging in Laboratory Technology
  • Chapter 18—Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing
  • Chapter 19—Precision Medicine for Cancer Diagnostics
  • Chapter 20—Cinematic Rendering and Digital Twin Technology
  • Chapter 21—Food Allergy Lab Fits on Your Keychain
  • Chapter 22—Wireless Patient Monitoring
  • Chapter 23—Applications of Digital Technology in COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Part 4. Role of Technology in Treatment
  • Chapter 24—Medical Treatment Technology
  • Chapter 25—Surgical Treatment Technology
  • Chapter 26—Technology and the Future of Mental-Health Treatment
  • Chapter 27—Enabling New Cancer Technologies
  • Chapter 28—Role of Technology in the Treatment for Osteopenia
  • Chapter 29—Nutrigenomics
  • Chapter 30—Nanotechnology
  • Chapter 31—Robotics
  • Chapter 32—Advanced Therapies
  • Part 5. Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies
  • Chapter 33—Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Chapter 34—Rehabilitation Medicine: Research Activities and Scientific Advances
  • Chapter 35—Vision and Hearing Loss
  • Chapter 36—Robotics in Rehabilitation
  • Chapter 37—Electrical Signals and Stimulations
  • Chapter 38—Physical Therapists of the Future
  • Chapter 39—Assistive Devices
  • Chapter 40—Space Technologies in the Rehabilitation of Movement Disorders
  • Part 6. Health Information Technology and Its Future
  • Chapter 41—Understanding Health Information Technology
  • Chapter 42—Integrating Technology and Healthcare
  • Chapter 43—Digital-Health Records
  • Chapter 44—Artificial Brains
  • Chapter 45—Artificial Intelligence: Improving Lives
  • Chapter 46—Augmented Reality
  • Chapter 47—Virtual Reality
  • Chapter 48—Computational Modeling
  • Chapter 49—Stem Cell Research
  • Chapter 50—Genome Sequencing
  • Chapter 51—Medical Applications of 3D Printing
  • Chapter 52—Microneedle Patch for Flu Vaccination
  • Chapter 53—Photonic Dosimetry
  • Part 7. Medical Technology – Legal and Ethical Concerns
  • Chapter 54—Health Information Privacy Law and Policy
  • Chapter 55—Health Information Technology Legislation and Regulations
  • Chapter 56—HIPAA Privacy Rule's Right of Access and Health Information Technology
  • Chapter 57—Personal Health Records and the HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Chapter 58—Privacy, Security, and Electronic Health Records
  • Chapter 59—Cloning and Law
  • Part 8. Additional Help and Information
  • Chapter 60—Glossary of Terms Related to Health Technology
  • Chapter 61—Directory of Agencies That Provide Information about Health Technology