Handbook of Deep Trade Agreements

Editor: World Bank Group
Publication Year: 2020
Publisher: World Bank

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ISBN: 978-1-46-481539-3
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Economics
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Table of Contents

This Handbook presents detailed data and analysis on the content of the policy areas most frequently covered in DTAs, focusing on the stated objectives, substantive commitments, and other aspects such as transparency, procedures, and enforcement. Each chapter, authored by lead experts in their respective fields, explains in detail the methodology used to collect the information and provides a first look at the evidence by policy area.

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Table of Contents

  • FOREWORD - P. Lamy
  • – Overview: The Evolution of Deep Trade Agreements - A. Mattoo, N. Rocha, and M. Ruta
  • – Preferential Tariffs A. Espitia, A. Mattoo, M. Mimouni, X. Pichot, N. Rocha
  • – Preference Utilization J. Richtering, T. Verbeet
  • – Export Restrictions M. Wu
  • – Services B. Gootiiz, G. Jonetzko, J. Magdeleine, J. Marchetti, A. Mattoo
  • – Investment J. Crawford, B. Kotschwar
  • – Movement of Capital D. Siegel, K. Gallagher, R. Thrasher
  • – Intellectual Property Rights M. Wu
  • – Visa and Asylum J. Pauwelyn, T. Nguyen, K. Kamal
  • – Rules of Origin M. Angeli, J. Gourdon, I. Gutierrez, P. Kowalski
  • – Trade Facilitation and Customs E. Kieck
  • – Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties T. Prusa
  • – Technical Barriers to Trade A. Espitia, S. Pardo, R. Piermartini, N. Rocha
  • – Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures S. Stone, F. Casalini
  • – Public Procurement A. Shingal, V. Ereshchenko
  • – Subsidies L. Rubini
  • – State-Owned Enterprises L. Rubini, T. Wang
  • – Competition Policy M. Licetti, G. Miralles, R. Teh
  • – Environmental Laws J.-A. Monteiro, J.P. Trachtman
  • – Labor Market Regulations D. Raess, D. Sari