Curating Live Arts

Editors: Davida, Dena, Pronovost, Marc and Hudon, Veronique
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Berghahn Books

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ISBN: 978-1-78-533963-9
Category: Arts & Leisure - Art & Art History
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Table of Contents

Curating Live Arts brings together bold and innovative essays from an international group of theorist-practitioners to pose vital questions, propose future visions, and survey the landscape of this rapidly evolving discipline.

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Table of Contents

    • Illustrations
    • PROLOGUE: Bethinking One's Own Strengths: The Performative Potential of Curating
    • Acknowledgments
    • A Collective Introduction
    • A NOTE ON CURATORIAL STATEMENTS: A Third Space: Chasing the Intangible
    • Historical Framings
    • — From Content to Context: The Emergence of the Performance Curator
    • — Exhibiting Performances: Process and Valorization in When Attitudes Become Forms — Bern 1969 / Venice 2013
    • — Can We Curate Dance without Making a Festival?: On Dance Curatorship and Its Shifting Borders
    • — Curating Performance from Africa on International Stages: Thoughts on Artistic Categories and Critical Discourse
    • — The Curating Nation: Emergence of Performance Curation in Singapore and Its Impact on Cultural Politics
    • — The Curatorial Chronotope
    • — More Weirdness, More Joy: Performance Curation and Pedagogy at Danspace Project and the Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance
    • Ethical Proposals
    • — Dancing the Museum
    • — Curatorial Discourse and Equity: Tensions in Contemporary Dance Presenting in the United States
    • — Noticing the Feedback: A Proposal to the Contemporary Dance Field, and/or This Revolution Will Be Crowdsourced
    • — Email to a Curator: An Introduction to The Curators’ Piece
    • — Curation as a Form of Artistic Practice: Context as a New Work through UK-based Forest Fringe
    • The Artist- Curators
    • — The Artist-Curator, or: the Philosophy of “Do-It-Yourself”
    • — Being in the Vanguard of Sensibility: Artists as Curators in Performing Arts— a Study of Collective Affect
    • — Familias: Artist-Activist Curation in the South Bronx, New York
    • — What We Talk About When We Talk About Curating the “Unexpected”
    • — Because I Love Art, I Want Art to Be Different: The Project Perverse Curating and a Few Things I've Learned from It
    • — Making Stage: Contemporary Dance and Performance Curation in the Caribbean
    • — The Work of the Musician-Curator in Relation to the “Concert Scenario”
    • — Pseudo-, Anti-, and Total Dance: A Self-Interview on Curation
    • — Collective Creation and Improvised Curation: A Discussion with Body Slam: BODY SLAM IMPROV COLLECTIVE
    • Exhibition as Events
    • — A New Kind of Critical Elsewhere
    • — Re-enact History?: Performing the Archive!
    • — Choreographing Archives, Curating Choreographers: Yvonne Rainer, Xavier Le Roy, and the Dance Retrospective
    • — Exhibiting Dance, Performing Objects: Cultural Mediation in the Museum
    • — The Curator's Work: Stories and Experiences from Tino Sehgal's Events
    • Artivism
    • — Framing a Network, Charting Dis/Courses: Performance Curation, Community Work, and the Logic/Anxieties of an Emerging Field
    • — Food=Need: Constraints, Reflexivity, and Community Performance
    • — ARC.HIVE of Contemporary Arab Performing Arts: Memory, Catastrophe, Resistance, and Oblivion
    • — Collective Walks / Spaces of Contestation: Site-Specificity, Community Involvement, and Mobility Employed as Curatorial Strategies in the Creation of Participatory Performances
    • — Sound Citizen: Curating Sound Art in the Distributed Public Sphere
    • Institutional Reinventions
    • — Rethinking the Role of Institutions and Curators in a New Interdisciplinary Age
    • — The Curator as a Culture Producer
    • — How to Build a Manifesto for the Future of a Festival: “Festivals as Thinking Entities,” a Conversation with Judith Blackenberg, Daniel Blanga-Gubbay, Silvia Bottiroli, and Livia Andrea Piazza, initiated by Silvia Bottiroli and Berno Odo Polzer
    • — The Curatorial Gesture as a Decolonial Gesture
    • — Are You Not Entertained?: Curating Performance within the Institution
    • — Bodies in Museums: Institutional Practices and Politics
    • — What Can Contemporary Art Perform? And Then Transgress?
    • — Epilogue: Situation Critical: What Comes Next for the Field of Performance Curation?