Sociology of Health and Illness Monographs: Digital Health: Sociological Perspectives

Editors: Henwood, Flis and Marent, Benjamin
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-965271-7
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
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Table of Contents

Including contributions from international scholars, papers in this collection explore diverse fields of healthcare (reproductive health, primary care, diabetes management, mental health) within which heterogenous technologies (health apps, mobile platforms, smart textiles, time-lapse imaging) are becoming increasingly embedded.

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Table of Contents

    • Notes on contributors
    • Understanding digital health: Productive tensions at the intersection of sociology of health and science and technology studies - Flis Henwood and Benjamin Marent
    • Promissory digital health
    • Digitising psychiatry? Sociotechnical expectations, performative nominalism and biomedical virtue in (digital) psychiatric praxis - Martyn Pickersgill
    • Is digital health care more equitable? The framing of health inequalities within England's digital health policy 2010-2017 - Emma Rich, Andy Miah and Sarah Lewis
    • (Re)configuring knowledge
    • Navigating the cartographies of trust: how patients and carers establish the credibility of online treatment claims - Alan Petersen, Claire Tanner and Megan Munsie
    • General Practitioner's use of online resources during medical visits: managing the boundary between inside and outside the clinic - Fiona Stevenson, Laura Hall, Maureen Seguin, Helen Atherton, Rebecca Barnes, Geraldine Leydon, Catherine Pope, Elizabeth Murray and Sue Ziebland
    • The vaccination debate in the “post-truth” era: social media as sites of multi-layered reflexivity - Dino Numerato, Lenka Vochocová, Václav Štětka and Alena Macková
    • Making sense with numbers. Unravelling ethico-psychological subjects in practices of self-quantification - Jeannette Pols, Dick Willems and Margunn Aanestad
    • (Re)configuring connectivity
    • On digital intimacy: redefining provider-patient relationships in remote monitoring - Enrico Maria Piras and Francesco Miele
    • Temporalities of mental distress: digital immediacy and the meaning of ‘crisis’ in online support - Ian M. Tucker and Anna Lavis
    • Smart textiles: transforming the practice of medicalisation and health care - Kelly Joyce
    • (Re)configuring control
    • ‘Built for expansion’: the ‘social life’ of the WHO's mental health GAP Intervention Guide - China Mills and Eva Hilberg
    • Algorithmic assemblages of care: imaginaries, epistemologies and repair work - Nete Schwennesen
    • The datafication of reproduction: time-lapse embryo imaging and the commercialisation of IVF - Lucy van de Wiel