Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics: The Handbook of TESOL in K-12

Editor: de Oliveira, Luciana C.
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-942174-0
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of TESOL in K-12 combines contemporary research and current practices to provide a comprehensive overview of the origins, evolution, and future direction of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the elementary and secondary levels (K-12).

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Key Concepts and Issues in TESOL in K-12
  • Key Issues in Teaching ESOL Students in K-12
  • – Plurilingual Learners and Schooling: A Sociocultural Perspective
  • – Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Practices for K-12 ESOL Learners
  • – A Developmental and Contextual Perspective on Academic Language
  • – Language Rights and Policy in K-12 TESOL
  • – Translanguaging as an Act of Transformation: Restructuring Teaching and Learning for Emergent Bilingual Students
  • – Incorporating Global Englishes in K-12 Classrooms
  • Pedagogical Issues and Practices in TESOL in K-12 Education: Practices and Pedagogies for TESOL in K-12 Education
  • – Many Ways to Build a Model: Content-Based ESL Instruction Models and Approaches in K-12
  • – Promoting Educational Equity in Assessment Practices
  • – Digital Age Teaching for English Learners
  • – Multimodal Literacies in Teaching and Learning English In and Outside of School
  • Pedagogical Issues and Practices in TESOL in K-12 Education: Teaching Skills and Content Areas
  • – Shifting from the Teaching of Oral Skills to the Development of Oracy
  • – Effective Practices for Teaching Reading to Emergent Bilinguals in K-12 Classes
  • – New Descriptions of Metalanguage for Supporting English Language Learners' Writing in the Early Years: A Discourse Perspective
  • – Problematizing Current Vocabulary Instruction Frameworks: Where Does Student Knowledge Fit?
  • – Paradigm Shifts in the Teaching of Grammar in K-12 ESL/EFL Contexts: A Case for a Social-Semiotic Perspective
  • – Teaching Mathematics to Emergent Bilinguals
  • – Teaching Science to English Language Learners: Current Research and Practices in the Field of Science Education
  • – Teaching English Language Arts to Emergent to Advanced Bilinguals: Current Research, Theories, and Pedagogical Practices
  • – Teaching Social Studies to English Language Learners: Current Research, Theories, and Pedagogical Practices
  • – Arts-Based Pedagogy for Teaching English Learners
  • School Personnel Preparation for TESOL in K-12
  • – Preparing Teachers to Be Advocates for English Learners
  • – Preparing TESOL Specialists for K-12 Contexts
  • – Preparing Content Teachers to Work with Multilingual Students
  • – Preparing Multicultural and Multilingual Teachers to Work with Diverse Students in K-12
  • – Preparing Teachers for Co-Teaching and Collaboration
  • – Intersecting Leadership and English Learner Specialty: The Nexus of Creativity, Resistance, and Advocacy