Handbook of Research on Women in Management and the Global Labor Market

Editor/Author Pereira, Elisabeth T. and Paoloni, Paola
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: IGI Global

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ISBN: 978-1-5225-9171-9
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Economics
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Research on Women in Management and the Global Labor Market is a pivotal reference source that examines the point of convergence among entrepreneurship organizations, relationship, creativity, and culture from a gender perspective, and researches the relation between current inequalities in social-economic structures and organizations in the labor market, education and individual skills, wages, work performance, promotion, and mobility.

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Table of Contents

    • Book Series
    • Editorial Advisory Board
    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Acknowledgment
    • Chapter 1: The Evolution of the Role of Women in Labor Markets in Developed Economies
    • Chapter 2: Evolution of the Employment Gender Inequality
    • Chapter 3: The Role of Education in Women’s Career Life in Emerging Economies
    • Chapter 4: Transversal Competences Towards Employability in Female Students
    • Chapter 5: Power and Gender
    • Chapter 6: Relation Between Work-Family Life Conflict and Organizational Cynicism in Women
    • Chapter 7: Life Context Model, Intersectionality, and Black Feminist Epistemology
    • Chapter 8: The Daughter’s Career in Family Firms
    • Chapter 9: Women’s Roles in Family Businesses
    • Chapter 10: Understanding Career Barriers of Women Executives
    • Chapter 11: Gender Awareness and Women Managers in Tourism
    • Chapter 12: Exploring Female Entrepreneurship
    • Chapter 13: Female Entrepreneurship in Africa
    • Chapter 14: Corporate Female Leadership Effects Considering PSI20 and IBEX35 Companies’ Performance
    • Chapter 15: Board Gender Diversity and Firm Performance
    • Chapter 16: Women on Board and Firm Performance
    • Chapter 17: Bahraini Women’s Voices in the Boardroom
    • About the Contributors
    • Compilation of References