Handbook of Research on the Global Impact of Media on Migration Issues

Editor/Author Okorie, Nelson, Ojebuyi, Babatunde Raphael and Wambui Macharia, Juliet
Publication Year: 2020
Publisher: IGI Global

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ISBN: 978-1-7998-0210-5
Category: Social Sciences - Media & Communications
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Research on the Global Impact of Media on Migration Issues provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of media structures and implications of media institutions tackling migration issues and related problems.

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Table of Contents

    • Book Series
    • Preface
    • Chapter 1: Public Broadcasting and Migration: Media Representation of Turkish “Guest Workers” in Germany
    • Chapter 2: Terrific Experiences, Receptiveness, and Mediatic Representation of Migration in the Global Community
    • Chapter 3: M Stands for Media, Migration, and Modern Slavery in the UK
    • Chapter 4: African Migrant Narratives, Modern Slavery, and Human Rights Violations in Libya
    • Chapter 5: Media's Role in Communicating Gender and Migration Messages in Africa
    • Chapter 6: Rethinking the Role of Traditional Media on Migration Issues in Nigeria
    • Chapter 7: Media, the Family, and Human Trafficking in Nigeria
    • Chapter 8: Channels Television on YouTube: Shaping the African Discourse on Migration
    • Chapter 9: Role of the Media on Migrants’ Vulnerability to Health Hazards
    • Chapter 10: Malevolent Trespassers or Benevolent Guests: A Meta-Analysis of Media Representation of African Migrants
    • Chapter 11: Human Rights Abuses Against Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria: Investigating Media Reportage
    • Chapter 12: The Mass Media, Migration Issues, and the Brain Drain Nexus: Implications for Political Development in 21st Century Nigeria
    • Chapter 13: Newspaper Coverage of Internal Youth Migration in Nigeria
    • Chapter 14: Risk Communication for Viral Hepatitis Management Among Migrants
    • Chapter 15: Media Advocacy: A Strategy for Addressing Health Concerns in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Camps in Nigeria
    • Chapter 16: Media Hype, Greener Pastures Syndrome, and Migration in Nigeria
    • Chapter 17: Predicting Migration to Developed Countries: The Place of Media Attention
    • Chapter 18: Media and the Challenges of Displaced Men in Nigeria: A Case Study of Durumi Area One IDPs Camp, Abuja, FCT
    • Compilation of References
    • About the Contributors