Handbook of Research on Bilingual and Intercultural Education

Editor/Author Gomez-Parra, Maria Elena and Huertas Abril, Cristina Aranzazu
Publication Year: 2020
Publisher: IGI Global

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ISBN: 978-1-7998-2588-3
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Research on Bilingual and Intercultural Education is an essential scholarly publication that provides comprehensive empirical research on bilingual and intercultural processes in an educational context.

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Table of Contents

  • Book Series
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgment
  • Section 1: Teaching in Bilingual Education
  • Chapter 1: Can a Teaching Method Guarantee Success in L2 Learning? Study of the Factors That Intervene in the Process
  • Chapter 2: Factors Influencing Primary Teachers’ Conceptualisations of Literacy: Does Bilingual Education Make a Difference?
  • Chapter 3: Needs of the ‘Bilingual Schools’ Program in Andalusia Regarding EFL Classrooms and Language Assistants
  • Chapter 4: The EMAS and Its Role in the ESL Instruction to Immigrants in England
  • Chapter 5: Second Language Instruction: Extrapolating From Auditory-Visual Speech Perception Research
  • Section 2: Intercultural Education
  • Chapter 6: Fostering Cultural Awareness for a Global Competence
  • Chapter 7: Teacher Education and Intercultural Awareness: Needs and Tools
  • Chapter 8: Negotiation of Form Among the Displaced: Developing a Corrective Feedback Paradigm for Refugees
  • Chapter 9: Intercultural Education: Challenges and Opportunities in a Brazilian University
  • Chapter 10: Literacies of the Body: Opening the Doors of the Mind Through Embodied Learning and Imaginative Processes
  • Section 3: Learning in Bilingual Education
  • Chapter 11: Learning of English as a Foreign Language and Gifted and Talented Students: The Role of ICT in Educational Innovation
  • Chapter 12: Relationships in the Learning Process of Reading Comprehension in Spanish and English
  • Chapter 13: Competences in US and Spain: Skills and Strategies in LAs’ Spanish Academic Papers
  • Chapter 14: The Phenomenon of Bilingualism in Slovakia: Raising a Bilingual Child in a Monolingual Culture – A Family Case Study on Intentional Bilingualism as a Communication Strategy
  • Section 4: Content- and Language-Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • Chapter 15: Moving Towards CLIL 2.0: A Proposal for Social Media Integration in Content- and Language-Integrated Learning
  • Chapter 16: Literacy Development in L1 in Bilingual Education: Evidence From Research on CLIL in Primary School
  • Chapter 17: Bilingual Education From Learner Perspectives
  • Chapter 18: The Pedagogical Potential of Design Thinking for CLIL Teaching: Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Deep Learning
  • Chapter 19: Performance-Based Assessment in CLIL: Competences at the Core of Learning
  • About the Contributors
  • Compilation of References