Accessibility and Diversity in the 21st Century University

Editor/Author Berg, Gary A. and Venis, Linda
Publication Year: 2020
Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 978-1-7998-2783-2
Category: Social Sciences
Image Count: 34
Book Status: Pending
Predicted Release Month: Dec 2021
Table of Contents

Accessibility and Diversity in the 21st Century University is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the provision of higher educational access to a more diverse population with a specific focus on the growing population of women in the university, key intersections with race and sexual preference, and the experiences of low-income students, mid-career and reentry students, and special needs populations.

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Table of Contents

  • Book Series
  • List of Reviewers
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgment
  • Chapter 1: Equity and Diversity in the 21st Century University: A Literature Review
  • Chapter 2: DACA-Mexico Origin Students in the United States-Mexican Borderlands: Persistence, Belonging, and College Climate
  • Chapter 3: A Dream Realized: Helping Low-Income Students Succeed in College
  • Chapter 4: College-Going and College-Staying Capital: Supporting Underrepresented Minority Students at Predominantly White Institutions
  • Chapter 5: A Critical Review of Gender Parity and Voice Dispossession Among Executive Women in Higher Education Leadership
  • Chapter 6: Underrepresentation of Latina Faculty in Academia
  • Chapter 7: Teaching Up: Female Sociologists Teaching About Privilege
  • Chapter 8: Retirement or Return to School? Developing a Decision Model Based on Perspectives From Baby Boomers
  • Chapter 9: Contemporary Peer Mentoring in Higher Education
  • Chapter 10: Minority STEM Students’ Perspectives on Their Persistence in College
  • Chapter 11: Accessibility, Self-Advocacy, and Self-Efficacy of Students With Disabilities in the 21st Century University
  • Chapter 12: Women in Higher Education Administration Leadership and the Role of Institutional Support
  • Chapter 13: The Adult Learner in Higher Education: A Critical Review of Theories and Applications
  • Chapter 14: Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education: Barriers and Strategies for Self-Directed Learning
  • Compilation of References
  • About the Contributors