The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary Cross-Cultural Management

Editors: Szkudlarek, Betina, Romani, Laurence and Caprar , Dan V.
Publication Year: 2020
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-52-644132-4
Category: Social Sciences - Ethnic Studies
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This Handbook presents a comprehensive and contemporary compendium of the field of cross-cultural management (CCM) examining emerging topics such as bi/multi-culturalism, migration, religion and more, all considered from a global perspective.

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Table of Contents

    • List of Figures and Tables
    • Notes on the Editors and Contributors
    • Acknowledgements
    • Introduction: Contemporizing the field of Cross-Cultural Management - Betina Szkudlarek, Laurence Romani, Dan V. Caprar and Joyce S. Osland
    • Setting the Stage: Cross-Cultural Interaction – Creating Success in the Twenty-First Century - Nancy J. Adler and Zeynep Aycan
    • Part I: Multiple Research Paradigms for the Study of Culture
    • 1. Culture in Cross-Cultural Management: Its Seminal Contributors from a Positivist Perspective - Sonja A. Sackmann
    • 2. Interpretive Approaches to Culture: What is Interpretive Cross-Cultural Management Research? - Martine Cardel Gertsen and Mette Zølner
    • 3. Critical Perspectives on Cross-Cultural Management - Laurence Romani, Mehdi Boussebaa and Terence Jackson
    • 4. The Concept of Culture in Cross-Cultural Management: Genealogical Considerations - Jasmin Mahadevan
    • 5. Reflexive Chapter: On Paradigm Tolerance in Cross-Cultural Management Research - Mark E. Mendenhall and Thomas Hippler
    • Part II: Research Methods in Cross-Cultural Management
    • 6. Survey Methods in Cross-Cultural Management - Yuan Liao
    • 7. Experimental Methods in Cross-Cultural Management - Ronald Fischer and Johannes Alfons Karl
    • 8. Ethnography and Cross-Cultural Management - Fiona Moore and Jasmin Mahadevan
    • 9. Methods of Critical Cross-Cultural Management - Laurence Romani, Jasmin Mahadevan and Henriett Primecz
    • 10. The Uneasy Relationship Between the Case Study and Cross-Cultural Management - Rebecca Piekkari, Catherine Welch and Mette Zølner
    • 11. Reflexive Chapter: Towards Greater Methodological Awareness and Researcher Reflexivity - Anne-Marie Søderberg
    • Part III: Cross-Cultural Management and Intersecting Fields of Study
    • 12. Languages and Cross-Cultural Management - Susanne Tietze and Rebecca Piekkari
    • 13. Cross-Cultural Issues in Knowledge Management: A Multi-Discourse Review - Harun Emre Yildiz
    • 14. Global Talent Management - Hugh Scullion, Martin Mullholland and Monica Zaharie
    • 15. Ethics in the Context of Cross-Cultural Management - Ilona Szőcs and Christof Miska
    • 16. The Role of Religion in Cross-Cultural Management: Three Perspectives - Tuomo Peltonen
    • 17. Cross-Cultural and Diversity Management Intersecting in Global Diversity Management: Tensions and Opportunities - Laurence Romani and Charlotte Holgersson
    • 18. Reflexive Chapter: Producing Knowledge on Cross-Cultural Management: Conditions, Connections, Consequences - Janne Tienari
    • Part IV: Individuals and Teams in Cross-Cultural Management
    • 19. Cross-Cultural Management and Cultural Identity: Past Perspectives and Present Prerequisites - Mary Yoko Brannen
    • 20. Culture, Context, and Work Motivation - Carlos J. Sanchez-Runde and Richard M. Steers
    • 21. Cross-Cultural Management and Intercultural Communication - Mary M. Meares and Janet M. Bennett
    • 22. The Role of Trust in Cross-Cultural Management - Markus Pudelko and Jiaxuan Liu
    • 23. Cross-Cultural Teamwork - Mary Zellmer-Bruhn and Mary M. Maloney
    • 24. Cross-Cultural Comparative Leadership Studies: A Critical Look to the Future - Ann Herd and Kevin Lowe
    • 25. The Birth of a New Field from CCM: Global Leadership - Joyce S. Osland, Rikke Nielsen, Mark E. Mendenhall and Allan Bird
    • 26. Reflexive Chapter: Some Thoughts on Cross-Cultural Management Research - David C. Thomas
    • Part V: Global Mobility and Cross-Cultural Management
    • 27. Global Migration and Cross-Cultural Management: Understanding the Past, Moving Towards the Future - Eun Su Lee, Duc Cuong Nguyen and Betina Szkudlarek
    • 28. The Changing Context of Expatriation and its Impact on Cross-Cultural Management - Yvonne McNulty and Chris Brewster
    • 29. A ‘Change’ Perspective of Repatriation: Review and Research Recommendations - Eren Akkan, B. Sebastian Reiche and Mila B. Lazarova
    • 30. Refugees and Cross-Cultural Management Studies - Priya A. Roy, Betina Szkudlarek and Dan V. Caprar
    • 31. Reflexive Chapter: The Non-Linear Relationships in Cross-Cultural Management and Global Mobility - Paula Caligiuri and Jaime Bonache
    • Part VI: Developing Intercultural Competence
    • 32. Conceptualizing Cross-Cultural Management Competence - Snejina Michailova, Nigel Holden and Smita Paul
    • 33. Developing Intercultural Competency: With a Focus on Higher Education - Allan Bird, Gary Oddou and Michael Harris Bond
    • 34. Cross-Cultural Training: History, Developments, Future Directions - Vasyl Taras, Yonghong Liu, Anju Mehta, Madelynn R.D. Stackhouse and Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez
    • 35. Reflexive Chapter: Developing Intercultural Management Competencies: The Next Frontier is Inward Bound - Martha Maznevski