The SAGE Handbook of School Organization

Editors: Connolly, Michael, Eddy-Spicer, David H. and James, Chris
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-52-642066-4
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of School Organization provides a substantial review of the history, current status and future prospects of the field of school organization. Bringing together chapters exploring key issues, important debates and points of tension, the Handbook highlights school and system organisational structure, processes and dynamics coupled with insights into important theoretical foundations from diverse perspectives.

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Table of Contents

  • An Introduction to School Organization
  • Schools as Organizations
  • Organizations, Organizing, and Schools: Accessing Theoretical Tools and Models in Organization Theory
  • Historical Perspectives on Schools as Organizations
  • The Leadership, Management and Governance of Schools as Organizations
  • Conceptions of the Leadership and Management of Schools as Organizations
  • Managing the School Organization
  • Competing Narratives of Leadership in Schools: The Institutional and Discursive Turns in Organizational Theory
  • Governing and Governance of Schools as Organizations
  • Theoretical Perspectives on Schools as Organizations
  • Structural Perspectives on Schools as Organizations
  • Too Legit to Quit: Institutional Perspectives on the Study of Schools as Organizations
  • School Organization: Authority, Status and the Role of Love as an Integrative Power
  • Organizational Culture in Schools: A Review of A Widely Misunderstood Concept
  • Inter-Organizational Networks in Education
  • Feelings, Moods, and Emotion in Schools: Affective Perspectives
  • Boundary Perspectives on Schools as Organizations
  • Systems Thinking in School Organization
  • The Interactional Nature of Schools as Social Organizations: Three Theoretical Perspectives
  • School Effectiveness and School Organization
  • Inequality in Education: What Educators Can and Cannot Change
  • Theorizing Schools as Organizations from a Feminist Perspective
  • Queer Theory Perspectives on Schools as Organizations
  • Organizing in Schools
  • Organizing in Schools: A Matter of Trust
  • Understanding Schools as Organizations and the Role of Organized Teachers: Perspectives on Teachers’ Work and Teacher Unions
  • Schools as Organizations: Accountability Concerns
  • Organizational Performance Metrics for Schools
  • National and Transnational Influences on School Organization
  • Decision-making and the School Organization
  • Lesson Study: Curriculum Management for 21st-century Skills
  • Beyond Ritualized Rationality: Organizational Dynamics of Instructionally-focused Continuous Improvement
  • Parental Involvement in Schools as Organizations: Examining Consistent Benefits, Persistent Challenges, and Emerging Issues
  • Assembling Schools as Organizations: On the Limits and Contradictions of Neoliberalism
  • The Digital Age: Exploring the Relationship between Technology and School Organization
  • School-to-School Collaboration: Building Collective Capacity through Collaborative Enquiry
  • Achieving Education for All: Organizational Issues in African Primary Schools
  • The School Building as Organizational Agent: Leveraging Physical Learning Environments to Advance the Educational Enterprise
  • Researching Schools as Organizations
  • Defining Schools as Social Spaces: A Social Network Approach to Researching Schools as Organizations
  • Research Use in Schools: A Framework for Understanding Research Use in School-Level Decision Making
  • Practitioner Research in Schools as Organizations
  • Critical Issues for the Study of School Improvement: Contributions from a Research Program in Chile
  • Design-Based School Improvement and Research for Education Leaders
  • Reflections on the State of School Organization Studies: Continuities and Challenges