CABI Invasives Series: Invasive Alien Plants: Impacts on Development and options for Management

Editors: Ellison, Carol A., Sankaran, K.V. and Murphy, Sean T.
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: CAB International

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-1-78-064627-5
Category: Science - Botany
Image Count: 60
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This book, for the first time, brings together a wide range of invasive plant specialists from the Asia-Pacific region to share their experience in addressing the problem and delivering solutions.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • Foreword - Fang-Hao Wan
  • Preface - Carol A. Ellison, K.V. Sankaran and Sean T. Murphy
  • Acknowledgements
  • 1. Invasive Alien Plants as a Constraint to Development in Tropical Asia: Is There a Crisis in the Making? - Sean T. Murphy
  • 2. Profile of an Invasive Plant: Mikania micrantha - Carol A. Ellison and K.V. Sankaran
  • 3. Social and Economic Implications of Mikania micrantha in the Kerala Western Ghats - V. Anitha, K.V. Santheep and Jyotsna Krishnakumar
  • 4. Impacts and Management Options for Mikania micrantha in Plantations - K.V. Sankaran, Soekisman Tjitrosemito and Soetikno S. Sastroutomo
  • 5. Mikania micrantha: Its Status and Impact on People and Wildlife in Nepal - Hem Sagar Baral and Bhaskar Adhikari
  • 6. Impact and Management of Invasive Alien Plants in Pacific Island Communities - Warea Orapa
  • 7. Understanding the Impact of Invasive Mikania micrantha in Shifting Agriculture and Its Management through Traditional Ecological Knowledge - P.S. Ramakrishnan
  • 8. Prevention and Related Measures for Invasive Alien Plants in India: Policy Framework and Other Initiatives - Ravi Khetarpal, Kavita Gupta, Usha Dev and Kavya Dashora
  • 9. Control Options for Invasive Alien Plants in Agroforestry in the Asia–Pacific Region - K.V. Sankaran
  • 10. Classical Biological Control of Mikania micrantha: the Sustainable Solution - Carol A. Ellison and Matthew J.W. Cock
  • 11. Policy Frameworks for the Implementation of a Classical Biological Control Strategy: the Chinese Experience - Jianqing Ding
  • 12. Policy Frameworks for the Implementation of a Classical Biological Control Strategy: the Indian Experience - R.J. Rabindra, P. Sreerama Kumar and Abraham Verghese