Health Reference Series: Women's Health Concerns Sourcebook

Editor: Hayes, Kevin
Publication Year: 2020
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

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ISBN: 978-0-7808-1810-1
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
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Table of Contents

Women's Health Concerns Sourcebook, Sixth Edition provides updated information about the medical issues of most significance to women.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part 1. Introduction to Women's Health
  • Chapter 1—Women's Health and Why Is It Important
  • Chapter 2—The Female Body
  • Chapter 3—Menarche to Menopause
  • Chapter 4—Women's Health: Trends and Statistics
  • Chapter 5—Health Status of Specific Populations
  • Chapter 6—Influence of Sex and Gender on Health and Disease
  • Chapter 7—Health Concerns Women Face at Work
  • Chapter 8—Access to Healthcare Insurance
  • Chapter 9—Violence against Women: A Public-Health Issue
  • Part 2. Breast and Gynecological Concerns
  • Chapter 10—Nonmalignant Breast Conditions
  • Chapter 11—Premenstrual Syndrome and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
  • Chapter 12—Ovarian Disorders
  • Chapter 13—Menstrual Irregularities
  • Chapter 14—Menopausal Concerns
  • Chapter 15—Uterus Disorders
  • Chapter 16—Disorders of the Cervix
  • Chapter 17—Pelvic Infections
  • Chapter 18—Pelvic Floor Disorders
  • Chapter 19—Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Chapter 20—Gynecological Procedures
  • Part 3. Sexual and Reproductive Concerns
  • Chapter 21—Understanding Your Sexuality
  • Chapter 22—Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Chapter 23—Birth Control Methods for Women
  • Chapter 24—Termination of Pregnancy
  • Chapter 25—Infertility: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments
  • Chapter 26—Having a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Chapter 27—The Birth of Your Baby
  • Chapter 28—Postpartum Care
  • Chapter 29—Pregnancy Loss
  • Part 4. Other Health Concerns of Women
  • Chapter 30—Cancer and Women
  • Chapter 31—Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Chapter 32—Lung Disease in Women
  • Chapter 33—Autoimmune and Related Diseases
  • Chapter 34—Endocrine Disorders in Women: An Overview
  • Chapter 35—Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Chapter 36—Chronic Pain in Women
  • Chapter 37—Migraine Headaches in Women
  • Chapter 38—Urinary Tract Disorders
  • Chapter 39—Anemia and Bleeding Disorders
  • Chapter 40—Women and Mental-Health Issues
  • Chapter 41—Eating Disorders
  • Chapter 42—Women and Alzheimer Disease
  • Part 5. Maintaining Women's Health and Wellness
  • Chapter 43—Healthy Eating for Better Health
  • Chapter 44—Exercise Recommendations
  • Chapter 45—Overweight, Obesity, and Weight Management
  • Chapter 46—Dealing with Sleep Problems
  • Chapter 47—Avoiding Risk Factors for Common Health Concerns
  • Chapter 48—Cosmetics and Your Health
  • Chapter 49—Breast Self-Examination
  • Chapter 50—Immunizations for Women
  • Chapter 51—Healthy Aging Tips for Women
  • Part 6. Additional Help and Information
  • Chapter 52—Glossary of Women's Health Terms
  • Chapter 53—Directory of Women's Health Resources and Organizations