Agriculture for Improved Nutrition

Editors: Fan, Shenggen, Yosef, Sivan and Pandya-Lorch, Rajul
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: CABI

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-1-78-639931-1
Category: Agriculture, Aquaculture & Food Sciences
Image Count: 44
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This book reviews the latest findings, results from on-the-ground programs and interventions, and recent policy experiences from countries around the world that are bringing the agriculture and nutrition sectors closer together.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Contributors
  • Preface
  • 1. Seizing the Momentum to Reshape Agriculture for Nutrition - Shenggen Fan, Sivan Yosef and Rajul Pandya-Lorch
  • 2. Agriculture for Nutrition: Direct and Indirect Effects - Derek Headey and William A. Masters
  • 3. Food Value Chains for Nutrition - Summer Allen, Mar Maestre and Aulo Gelli
  • 4. Biodiversity: an Essential Natural Resource for Improving Diets and Nutrition - Jessica Fanzo
  • 5. Improving Nutrition Through Biofortification - Howarth E. Bouis, Amy Saltzman and Ekin Birol
  • 6. Women in Agriculture and the Implications for Nutrition - Hazel Malapit
  • 7. Nutritional Ecology: Understanding the Intersection of Climate/Environmental Change, Food Systems and Health - Daniel J. Raiten and Gerald F. Combs
  • 8. Reshaping Agriculture to Reduce Obesity - Olivier Ecker
  • 9. New Evidence on Nutrition-sensitive Agricultural Programs - Marie T. Ruel
  • 10. Safety Nets for Agriculture and Nutrition - Daniel O. Gilligan
  • 11. How Can Businesses Operating in the Food System Accelerate Improvements in Nutrition? - Lawrence Haddad
  • 12. Governance and Leadership in Agri-food Systems and Nutrition - Stuart Gillespie and Nicholas Nisbett
  • 13. Building Capacity to Link Agriculture and Nutrition - Suresh Chandra Babu
  • 14. Big Data in Agriculture and Nutrition - Ruthie Musker
  • 15. Diversifying Rice-centric Agriculture and Diets: the Bangladesh Experience - Akhter U. Ahmed and Julie Ghostlaw
  • 16. Moving Towards Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture Strategies and Programming in Ethiopia - Anne Bossuyt
  • 17. Unraveling India's Malnutrition Dilemma: a Path Toward Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture - Prabhu Pingali and Mathew Abraham
  • 18. Moving Beyond Maize: the Evolution of Malawi's Agriculture–Nutrition Policy Dialogue - Noora-Lisa Aberman
  • 19. China's Road to a Nutrition-driven Agricultural and Food System - Kevin Chen and Zimeiyi Wang
  • 20. The Way Forward for Nutrition-driven Agriculture - Shenggen Fan, Sivan Yosef and Rajul Pandya-Lorch