Handbooks in Communication and Media: The Handbook of Organizational Rhetoric and Communication

Editors: Ihlen, Oyvind and Heath, Robert L.
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-926573-3
Category: Social Sciences - Media & Communications
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The Handbook of Organizational Rhetoric and Communication offers coverage of the foundations and macro-contexts of rhetoric - as well as its use in organizational communication, public relations, marketing, management and organization theory.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Figures
  • List of Boxes and Tables
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Preface
  • – Introduction: Organizational Rhetoric
  • – Organizational Communication and Organizational Rhetoric I: The Theme of Merger
  • – Organizational Communication and Organizational Rhetoric II: The Theme of Division
  • – Public Relations and Rhetoric: Conflict and Concurrence
  • – Marketing Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of Marketing: Manipulation or Mutuality?
  • – Rhetorical Analysis in Management and Organizational Research, 2007–2017
  • – A Theory of Organization as a Context For, and as Constituted by, Rhetoric
  • – Identification: Connection and Division in Organizational Rhetoric and Communication
  • – Deploying the Topics
  • – The Truth About Ideographs: Progress Toward Understanding and Critique
  • – Myths that Work: Toward a Mythology of Organizations and Organizing
  • – Stasis Theory: An Approach to Clarifying Issues and Developing Responses
  • – Corporate Apologia: Organizational Rhetoric and Wrongdoing
  • – Ethos and its Constitutive Role in Organizational Rhetoric
  • – The New Civic Persona: Organizational/Institutional Citizenship Reimagined
  • – Rhetorical Figures: The Case of Advertising
  • – Spades, Shovels, and Backhoes: Unearthing Metaphors in Organizational Rhetoric
  • – Synecdoche: Another Ubiquitous and Everyday Trope
  • – Rhetorical Legitimacy Contests: EpiPen and the Pharmaceutical Industry's Rope-A-Dope
  • – Rhetorical Agency: What Enables and Restrains the Power of Speech?
  • – Organizational Rhetoric in Deeply Pluralistic Societies: The Agonistic Alternative
  • – Understanding the Rhetoric of Dialogue and the Dialogue of Rhetoric
  • – Persuasion in Organizational Rhetoric: Distinguishing between Instrumental and Deliberative Approaches
  • – Strategic Message Design Defined: A Call for Focused Organizational Rhetoric and Communication
  • – Visual and Multimodal Rhetoric and Argumentation in Organizations and Organizational Theory
  • – Conceptualizing Audience in the Communication Process
  • – Strategic Issues Management: Organizations Operating in Rhetorical Arenas
  • – Corporate Social Responsibility and Rhetoric: Conceptualization, Construction, and Negotiation
  • – Organizational Rhetoric––Dialogue and Engagement: Explicating the Infrastructural Approach to Risk Communication
  • – Rhetoric as the Progenitor: The Creation and Expansion of Crisis Communication
  • – Organizing for Advocacy: Activist Organizational Rhetoric
  • – Aristotle, Burke, and Beyond: Impetus for Organizational Rhetoric's Revival
  • – New Vistas in Organizational Rhetoric
  • – Conclusions and Take Away Points