Wiley Handbooks in Education: The Wiley Handbook of Global Educational Reform

Editors: Saltman, Kenneth J. and Means, Alexander J.
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-908307-8
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

This volume explores a range of topics and themes that fully investigate global convergences in educational reform policies, ideologies, and practices.

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Table of Contents

    • – Notes on Contributors
    • – Introduction: Toward a Transformational Agenda for Global Education Reform
    • – Capitalism and Global Education Reform
    • – The Business Sector in Global Education Reform: The Case of the Global Business Coalition for Education
    • – Venture Philanthropy and Education Policy-Making: Charity, Profit, and the So-Called “Democratic State”
    • – Nodes, Pipelines, and Policy Mobility: The Assembling of an Education Shadow State in India
    • – Reframing Teachers’ Work for Global Competitiveness*: New Global Hierarchies in the Governing of Education
    • – School Principals in Neoliberal Times: A Case of Luxury Leadership?
    • – The Expansion of Private Schooling in Latin America: Multiple Manifestations and Trajectories of a Global Education Reform Movement
    • – Global Education Policies and Taken-For-Granted Rationalities: Do the Poor Respond to Policy Incentives in the Same Way?
    • – The Politics of Educational Change in the Middle East: Nation-Building, Postcolonial Reconstruction, Destabilized States, Societal Disintegration, and the Dispossessed
    • – Profiting from the Poor: The Emergence of Multinational Edu-Businesses in Hyderabad, India
    • – The Bait-and-Switch and Echo Chamber of School Privatization in South Africa
    • – The Violence of Compassion: Education Reform, Race, and Neoliberalism's Elite Rationale
    • – Uncommon Knowledge: International Schools as Elite Educational Enclosures
    • – Startup Schools, Fast Policies, and Full-Stack Education Companies: Digitizing Education Reform in Silicon Valley
    • – Who Drives the Drivers?: Technology as the Ideology of Global Educational Reform
    • – Resurgent Behaviorism and the Rise of Neoliberal Schooling
    • – Educating Mathematizable, Self-Serving, God-Fearing, Self-Made Entrepreneurs
    • – Putting Homo Economicus to the Test: How Neoliberalism Measures the Value of Educational Life
    • – EcoJust STEM Education Mobilized Through Counter-Hegemonic Globalization
    • – When the Idea of a Second Grade Education for the Marginalized Becomes the Dominant Discourse: Context, Policy, and Practice of Neoliberal Capitalism
    • – Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Education: An Ethics for Capital or the Other?
    • – The Socially Just School: Transforming Young Lives
    • – Beyond Neoliberalism: Educating for a Just Sustainable Future
    • – When Schools Become Dead Zones of the Imagination: A Critical Pedagogy Manifesto