Blackwell Ancient Religions: Greek and Roman Religions

Editor/Author Denova, Rebecca I.
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 978-1-11-854290-3
Category: History - History, Ancient
Image Count: 58
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Table of Contents

Greek and Roman Religions offers an authoritative overview of the region's ancient religious practices. Comprehensive in scope, the text focuses on myriad aspects that constitute Greco-Roman culture such as economic class, honor and shame, and slavery as well as the religious role of each member of the family.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Living with the Divine
  • The Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean Basin
  • Myths, Gods, and Heros: Greece
  • Myths, Gods, and Heros: Rome
  • Temples and Priests
  • Worship of the Gods: Community Religious Festivals
  • Religion and Society
  • Communicating with the Divine
  • The Mysteries
  • Death and the Afterlife: Funeral Rites and Funeral Games
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Religion and the State
  • The Legacy of Greco-Roman Religions in Western Culture
  • Glossary