Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World: A Companion to the City of Rome

Editors: Holleran, Claire and Claridge, Amanda
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Wiley

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-1-40-519819-6
Category: History - History, Ancient
Image Count: 53
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

A Companion to the City of Rome presents a series of original essays from top experts that offer an authoritative and up-to-date overview of current research on the development of the city of Rome from its origins until circa AD 600.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • List of Illustrations
  • List of Tables
  • List of Maps
  • Introductory
  • Source Material
  • Historical Overview: From City-state to Christian Center
  • The Urban Landscape
  • A City of Stories
  • Defining the City: The Boundaries of Rome
  • The Development of the City: An Archaeological Perspective
  • The People
  • The Population
  • Social Structure andthe plebs Romana
  • The Army in Imperial Rome
  • The Urban Infrastructure
  • Rivers, Roads, and Ports
  • Feeding Rome: The Grain Supply
  • Water Supply and Sewers
  • Streets and Street Life
  • Urban Administration in Rome
  • Living in Rome
  • Housing
  • The Imperial Thermae
  • Libraries and Literary Culture in Rome
  • Dying in Rome
  • Hazards of Life in Ancient Rome: Floods, Fires, Famines, Footpads, Filth, and Fevers
  • Funerary Practice in the City of Rome
  • Roman Cemeteries and Tombs
  • The Urban Economy
  • The Labor Market
  • Production in Rome
  • The Retail Trade
  • The Construction Industry
  • Civic Life
  • Temples, Colleges, and Priesthoods
  • Entertainment
  • Law and Lawcourts
  • The Roman Church
  • Political Space
  • The Roman Triumph
  • The Triumphal Procession
  • Urban Commemoration: The Pompa Triumphalis in Rome
  • Receptions of Rome
  • Written Rome: Ancient Literary Responses
  • The Renaissance: The “Discovery” of Ancient Rome
  • Napoleonic Rome and “Roma Capitale”
  • Mussolini and Rome
  • The City of Ancient Rome on Screen