Wiley Blackwell Companions to World History: A Companion to Nazi Germany

Editors: Baranowski, Shelly, Nolzen, Armin and Szejnmann, Claus-Christian W.
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Wiley

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-1-11-893688-7
Category: History - Europe -- History
Image Count: 12
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

A Companion to Nazi Germany addresses crucial questions with historical insight from the Nazi Party's emergence in the 1920s through its postwar repercussions. From the theory and context that gave rise to the movement, through its structural, cultural, economic, and social impacts, to the era's lasting legacy, this book offers an in-depth examination of modern history's most infamous reign.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Introduction
  • Theories, Background, and Contexts
  • How Do We Explain the Rise of Nazism?: Theory and Historiography
  • Organic Modernity: National Socialism as Alternative Modernism
  • The First World War and National Socialism
  • The Collapse of the Weimar Parliamentary System
  • National Socialist Ideology
  • Structures of Nazi Rule
  • The NSDAP After 1933: Members, Positions, Technologies, Interactions
  • Work(ers) Under the Swastika
  • Resistance
  • Centre and Periphery
  • Information Policies and Linguistic Violence
  • Education, Schooling, and Camps
  • Research and Scholarship
  • Nazi Morality
  • The German Home Front Under the Bombs
  • Total Defeat: War, Society, and Violence in the Last Year of National Socialism
  • Economy and Culture
  • The Nazi Economy
  • National Socialism and German Business
  • Individual Consumers and Consumption in Nazi Germany
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Family and Private Life
  • Sports
  • Cinema, Art, and Music
  • Emotions and National Socialism
  • Environment
  • Race, Imperialism, and Genocide
  • Terror
  • Flight and Exile
  • Germany and the Outside World
  • Social Militarization and Preparation for War, 1933–1939
  • Race
  • Unfree and Forced Labour
  • ‘Ethnic Germans’
  • Ghettos
  • Holocaust Studies: The Spatial Turn
  • Legacies of Nazism
  • Memories of Nazi Germany in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Remembering National Socialism in the German Democratic Republic
  • Presenting and Teaching the Past