Wiley Handbooks in Criminology and Criminal Justice: The Handbook of the History and Philosophy of Criminology

Editor: Triplett, Ruth Ann
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-901135-4
Category: Social Sciences - Criminology & Law
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Table of Contents

Featuring contributions by distinguished scholars from ten countries, The Wiley Handbook of the History and Philosophy of Criminology provides students, scholars, and criminologists with a truly a global perspective on the theory and practice of criminology throughout the centuries and around the world.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Key Ideas, Thinkers, and Moments
  • Section 1: Precursors to Criminology as an Academic Discipline
  • 1. Criminal Entryways in the Writing of Cesare Beccaria
  • 2. Researching Crime and Criminals in the 19th Century
  • Section 2: Europe and the Founding of Criminology
  • 3. Laughing at Lombroso: Positivism and Criminal Anthropology in Historical Perspective
  • 4. Criminology in 19th-Century France: Mainstays of the French “Environmental” Tradition
  • 5. Conflict and Crime: Marx, Engels, Marxist/Radical Criminology, and the Explanation of Crime
  • Section 3: Developing the Theoretical Foundation
  • 6. The Extensive Legacy of Symbolic Interactionism in Criminology
  • 7. The Chicago School and Criminology
  • 8. Anomie, Strain, and Opportunity Structure: Robert K. Merton's Paradigm of Deviant Behavior
  • 9. Differential Association, Differential Social Organization, and White-Collar Crime: Sutherland Defines the Field
  • 10. The Foundation and Re-emergence of Classical Thought in Criminological Theory: A Brief Philosophical History
  • 11. Crime, Deviance, and Social Control: Travis Hirschi and His Legacy
  • Section 4: Critique and Response
  • 12. The Berkeley School of Criminology: The Intellectual Roots and Legacies
  • 13. Let Fury Have the Hour: The Radical Turn in British Criminology
  • 14. Three Strikes and You're Out: A Short but Modern History of Biosocial Criminology
  • 15. Western Feminist Criminologies: Critiquing “Malestream” Criminology and Beyond
  • 16. Criminalizing Race, Racializing Crime: Assessing the Discipline of Criminology through a Historical Lens
  • 17. Shaming, Reintegration, and Restorative Justice: Braithwaite in Australia, New Zealand, and around the Globe
  • Part II: Criminology across the Globe: The Organization and Structure of Criminology as an Academic Discipline
  • 18. Criminology in Argentina, 1870–1960
  • 19. Criminology in Australia: A Global South Perspective
  • 20. Criminology in Belgium: Crossing Borders, Reaching out Globally
  • 21. Criminology in Brazil: Beyond “Made-in-the-North” Criminological Narratives
  • 22. Criminology in Canada: The Context of Its Criminology
  • 23. Criminology in China
  • 24. Criminology in Germany and the Gesamte Strafrechtswissenschaft
  • 25. Criminology in Lithuania: Restoring Paradigms
  • 26. Criminology in Russia: From Criminal Law to Sociolegal Inquiry
  • 27. Criminology in the United States: Contexts, Institutions, and Knowledge in Flux