The Handbook of Culture and Biology

Editors: Causadias, Jose M., Telzer, Eva H. and Gonzales, Nancy A.
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-918132-3
Category: Science - Biology
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Culture and Biology provides an overview of current empirical and theoretical advances in culture and biology interplay research through the work of some of the most influential scholars in the field.

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Table of Contents

  • Biographical Notes
  • Foreword: On Culture and Biology
  • Preface: Why Culture and Biology?
  • Part I: General Issues in Culture and Biology Interplay
  • 1. Introduction to Culture and Biology Interplay
  • 2. Integrating Culture and Biology in Psychological Research: Conceptual Clarifications and Recommendations
  • 3. Understanding Religion from Cultural and Biological Perspectives
  • Part II: Animal Culture
  • 4. Introduction to Animal Culture: Is Culture Uniquely Human?
  • 5. Comparing and Contrasting Primate and Cetacean Culture
  • 6. Cultural Phenomena in Cooperatively Breeding Primates
  • Part III: Cultural Genomics
  • 7. How Are Genes Related to Culture? An Introduction to the Field of Cultural Genomics
  • 8. Dual Inheritance, Cultural Transmission, and Niche Construction
  • 9. How the Study of Religion and Culture Informs Genetics and Vice Versa
  • Part IV: Cultural Neurobiology
  • 10. An Introduction to Cultural Neurobiology: Evidence from Physiological Stress Systems
  • 11. Relations among Culture, Poverty, Stress, and Allostatic Load
  • 12. Biological Consequences of Unfair Treatment: A Theoretical and Empirical Review
  • 13. Cultural Experiences, Social Ties, and Stress: Focusing on the HPA Axis
  • 14. Cultural Influences on Parasympathetic Activity
  • 15. Neurobiology of Stress and Drug Use Vulnerability in Culturally Diverse Communities
  • Part V: Cultural Neuroscience
  • 16. An Introduction to Cultural Neuroscience
  • 17. Neurobiological Causes and Consequences of Cultural Differences in Social Cognition
  • 18. Culture and Self–Other Overlap in Neural Circuits
  • 19. Developmental Cultural Neuroscience: Progress and Prospect