The Routledge Research Companion to Popular Music Education

Editors: Smith, Gareth Dylan, Moir, Zack and Brennan, Matt
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Routledge

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-1-47-246498-9
Category: Arts & Leisure - Music
Image Count: 9
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The Routledge Research Companion to Popular Music Education is the first book-length publication that brings together a diverse range of scholarship in this emerging field. Perspectives include the historical, sociological, pedagogical, musicological, axiological, reflexive, critical, philosophical and ideological.

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Table of Contents

  • List of contributors
  • Part I: Introduction
  • Foreword - Lucy Green
  • Popular music education (r)evolution - Gareth Dylan Smith, Zack Moir, Matt Brennan, Shara Rambarran and Phil Kirkman
  • Popular music education: a step into the light - Rupert Till
  • Part II: Past, present and future
  • The historical foundations of popular music education in the United States - Andrew Krikun
  • Navigating the space between spaces: curricular change in music teacher education in the United States - David A. Williams and Clint Randles
  • Developing learning through producing: secondary school students’ experiences of a technologically aided pedagogical intervention - Aleksi Ojala
  • A historical review of the social dynamics of school music education in Mainland China: a study of the political power of popular songs - Wai-Chung Ho
  • Towards 21st-century music teaching-learning: reflections on student-centric pedagogic practices involving popular music in Singapore - Siew Ling Chua and Hui-Ping Ho
  • Popular music education in Hong Kong: a case study of the Baron School of Music - Hei Ting Wong
  • Mediations, institutions and post-compulsory popular music education - Seán McLaughlin
  • Where to now? The current condition and future trajectory of popular music studies in British universities - Simon Warner
  • Parallel, series and integrated: models of tertiary popular music education - Gavin Carfoot, Brad Millard, Samantha Bennett and Christopher Allan
  • Part III: Curricula in popular music
  • Do the stars know why they shine? An argument for including cultural theory in popular music programmes - Emma Hooper
  • ‘I've heard there was a secret chord’: do we need to teach music notation in UK popular music studies? - Paul Fleet
  • ‘Art’ to artistry: a contemporary approach to vocal pedagogy - Diane Hughes
  • Defeating the muse: advanced songwriting pedagogy and creative block - Jo Collinson Scott
  • Missing a beat: exploring experiences, perceptions and reflections of popular electronic musicians in UK higher education institutions - Paul Thompson and Alex Stevenson
  • Artists to teachers – teachers to artists: providing a space for aesthetic experience at secondary schools through popular music - Axel Schwarz and David-Emil Wickström
  • Musical listening: teaching studio production in an academic institution - Eirik Askerøi and André Viervoll
  • Popular music and Modern Band principles - Bryan Powell and Scott Burstein
  • Part IV: Careers, entrepreneurship and marketing
  • Professional songwriting: creativity, the creative process and tensions between higher education songwriting and industry practice in the UK - Matt Gooderson and Jennie Henley
  • Popular music pedagogy: dual perspectives on DIY musicianship - Don Lebler and Naomi Hodges
  • Towards a framework for creativity in popular music degrees - Joe Bennett
  • Re-Mixing Popular Music Marketing Education - Ray Sylvester and Daragh O'Reilly
  • University music education in Colombia: the multidimensionality of teaching and training - Luz Dalila Rivas Caicedo
  • Popular music entrepreneurship in higher education: facilitating group creativity and spin-off formation through internship programmes - Guy Morrow, Emily Gilfillan, Iqbal Barkat and Phyllis Sakinofsky
  • Teaching music industry in challenging times: addressing the neoliberal employability agenda in higher education at a time of music-industrial turbulence - Michael Jones
  • Part V: Social and critical issues
  • Popular music meta-pedagogy in music teacher education - Ian Axtell, Martin Fautley and Kelly Davey Nicklin
  • A place in the band: negotiating barriers to inclusion in a rock band setting - Jesse Rathgeber
  • Teaching the devil's music: some intersections of popular music, education and morality in a faith-school setting - Tom Parkinson
  • Social justice and popular music education: building a generation of artists impacting social change - Sheila C. Woodward
  • Popular music and (r)evolution of the classroom space: Occupy Wall Street in the music school - Nasim Niknafs and Liz Przybylski
  • Popular music education, participation and democracy: some Nordic perspectives - Catharina Christophersen and Anna-Karin Gullberg
  • Feral Pop: the participatory power of improvised popular music - Charlie Bramley and Gareth Dylan Smith
  • Epistemological and sociological issues in popular music education - David G. Hebert, Joseph Abramo and Gareth Dylan Smith