The Routledge Handbook of Global Public Policy and Administration

Editors: Klassen, Thomas R., Cepiku, Denita and Lah, T. J.
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN: 978-1-13-884522-0
Category: Social Sciences - Political science
Image Count: 37
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The Routledge Handbook of Global Public Policy and Administration is a comprehensive leading-edge guide for students, scholars and practitioners of public policy and administration.

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Table of Contents

  • List of figures
  • List of tables
  • Notes on contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Public policy and administration in an era of globalization - Thomas R. Klassen, Denita Cepiku, and T. J. Lah
  • Part I: Contemporary challenges of public policy and administration: a global perspective
  • Introduction, Part I
  • Public policy and administration in an era of regulatory capitalism - Graeme Hodge
  • Public policy and administration in an era of privatization - Carina Schmitt
  • Public policy and administration in an era of austerity: rethinking local public services - Stephen J. Bailey
  • Public policy and administration in an era of expansion: China, South Korea and Hong Kong - T. J. Lah, Yijia Jing, and Peter T. Y. Cheung
  • Revolution, terrorism, and governance in the Middle East - Alexander Dawoody
  • Participate or be punished: administrative responses to protest - Christopher Tapscott
  • Public corruption: causes, consequences and cures - Cheol Liu
  • Trust in public organizations - Yoon Jik Cho
  • Global aging: understanding its challenges - Masa Higo
  • Public policy and administration: tradition, history and reforms - Edoardo Ongaro
  • Decentred policymaking and regulatory finance - Ian Roberge and Heather McKeen-Edwards
  • Part II: Cross-sector and cross-level policy and administration responses
  • Introduction, Part II
  • Collaborative governance - Denita Cepiku
  • Citizen co-production of public services: meanings, processes, antecedents and consequences - John Alford
  • Democracy and citizens’ engagement - Reto Steiner and Claire Kaiser
  • The public policy context for risk governance and social innovation - Sarah-Sophie Flemig and Stephen Osborne
  • Governance change across policy sectors and nations - Jenny M. Lewis
  • Devolution and federalism - Owen E. Hughes
  • Emergency and crisis management: the Soma mine accident case, Turkey - Fatih Demiroz and Nairn Kapucu
  • Regulatory reform and the better regulation agenda: traveling from center to periphery - Alketa Peci
  • Global health - Eduardo Missoni
  • Global cultural policies and their management: the case of Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Marianna Elmi and Alessandro Hinna
  • Part III: Forging a resilient public administration
  • Introduction, Part III
  • Resilience in public administration: moving from risk avoidance to assuring public policy outcomes - Tony Bovaird and Barry Quirk
  • The changing roles of politicians and public servants - Robert P. Shepherd, Christopher Stoney and Lori Turnbull
  • Strategic management and public governance in the public sector - Paul Joyce
  • Performance management in public administration - Denita Cepiku
  • Public policies promoting performance management: Australia and the United States - Joshua L. Osowski and Sanjay K. Pandey
  • The role of policy capacity in policy success and failure - M. Ramesh and Michael Howlett
  • The program evaluation function: uncertain governance and effects - Robert P. Shepherd
  • Motivation in the public sector - Adrian Ritz, Oliver Neumann and Wouter Vandenabeele
  • Public budgeting from a managerial perspective - Riccardo Mussari
  • The road ahead for public procurement in Europe: is there life after the directives? - Giulia Di Pierro and Gustavo Piga
  • Korean e-government in a social media environment: prospects and challenges - M. Jae Moon
  • Glossary