The Routledge Dance Studies Reader

Editors: Richard Giersdorf, Jens and Wong, Yutian
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Routledge

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-1-13-808871-9
Category: Arts & Leisure - Performing Arts
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

The Routledge Dance Studies Reader has been expanded and updated, giving readers essential texts that address the social, political, cultural, and economic impact of globalization on embodiment and choreography. These interdisciplinary essays in dance scholarship consider a broad range of dance forms in relation to historical, ethnographic, and interdisciplinary research methods including cultural studies, reconstruction, media studies, and popular culture.

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Table of Contents

  • List of contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • Part I: Methods and approaches
  • – Dance history source materials - JUNE LAYSON
  • – Shifting perspectives on dance ethnography - THERESA JILL BUCKLAND
  • – Dance studies/cultural studies - GAY MORRIS
  • – Dance and gender: formalism and semiotics reconsidered - STEPHANIE JORDAN AND HELEN THOMAS
  • – An introduction to dance analysis - JANET ADSHEAD-LANSDALE
  • – At home in the world? The bharatanatyam dancer as transnational interpreter - JANET OÍSHEA
  • – Differentiating phenomenology and dance - PHILIPPA ROTHFIELD
  • – Epilogue to an epilogue: historicizing the re- in dance reenactment - MARK FRANKO
  • Part II: Practice and performance
  • – Grasping practice: reflections on practices of knowing and researching in dance education - YVONNE HARDT
  • – I am a dancer - MARTHA GRAHAM
  • – Reworking the ballet: stillness and queerness in Swan Lake, 4 Acts - VIDA MIDGELOW
  • – Getting off the Orient Express - SHOBANA JEYASINGH
  • – Hips, hip-notism, hip(g)nosis: the mulata performances of Ninón Sevilla - MELISSA BLANCO BORELLI
  • – Cabbages and kings: disability, dance, and some timely considerations - ADAM BENJAMIN
  • – Improvised dance in the reconstruction of THEM - DANIELLE GOLDMAN
  • – Staging choreomusical research: a case study of the historiography of experimental dance in interaction with music/sound and visual arts (sculptures) - STEPHANIE SCHROEDTER
  • – Working out contemporaneity: dance and post-Fordism - BOJANA KUNST
  • Part III: Dance as embodied ideology
  • – In pursuit of the sylph: ballet in the Romantic period - DEBORAH JOWITT
  • – Nijinsky: modernism and heterodox representations of masculinity - RAMSAY BURT
  • – From interculturalism to historicism: reflections on classical Indian dance (2000/1) - PALLABI CHAKRAVORTY
  • – Race in motion: modern dance, Negro dance, and Katherine Dunham - SUSAN MANNING
  • – Have they a right? Nineteenth-century Indian dance practices and federal policy - JACQUELINE SHEA MURPHY
  • – Mediating Cambodian history, the sacred, and the earth - TONI SHAPIRO-PHIM
  • – Choreographing a flexible Taiwan: Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and Taiwan's changing identity - YATIN LIN
  • – Dancing salsa wrong in Los Angeles - CINDY GARCíA
  • – Identity politics and political will: Jeni LeGon and living in a great big way - NADINE GEORGE-GRAVES
  • Part IV: Dance on the market and in the media
  • – Beyoncé, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, and choreographic property - ANTHEA KRAUT
  • – “Selling out” post-Mao: dance labor and the ethics of fulfillment in Reform Era China - EMILY WILCOX
  • – So you think you are masculine? Dance reality television, spectatorship, and gender nonconformity - MARK BROOMFIELD
  • – Wii will become silhouettes … - DEREK A. BURRILL
  • – “Complex temporalities”: digitality and ephemeral tense in Adam H. Weinert's “The Reaccession of Ted Shawn” - HARMONY BENCH
  • Part V: Formations of the field
  • – Choreographing history - SUSAN FOSTER
  • – Worlding dance and dancing out there in the world - MARTA ELENA SAVIGLIANO
  • – Slamdancing with the boundaries of theory and practice: the legitimization of popular dance - SHERRIL DODDS
  • – “This must be one of these performances where science meets the arts”: lecture performances in a knowledge culture in transition - MAAIKE BLEEKER
  • – Dance studies in the international academy: genealogy of a disciplinary formation - JENS RICHARD GIERSDORF
  • Bibliography