Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology Series: Nuclear Energy

Editor/Author Tsoulfanidis, Nicholas
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-1-4939-6619-6
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Table of Contents

This book provides an authoritative reference on all aspects of the nuclear energy enterprise for both fission and fusion reactors.

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Table of Contents

  • Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology Series
  • Series Preface
  • Volume Preface
  • About the Editor-in-Chief
  • Editor and Contributors
  • Nuclear Energy, Introduction - Nicholas Tsoulfanidis
  • Fission Reactor Physics - Michael Natelson
  • Nuclear Fission Power Plants - Ronald Allen Knief
  • GEN-IV Reactors - Taek K. Kim
  • Small Modular Reactors - Nicholas Tsoulfanidis
  • Isotope Separation Methods for Nuclear Fuel - Shuichi Hasegawa
  • Nuclear Reactor Materials and Fuels - James S. Tulenko
  • Modern Nuclear Fuel Cycles - James S. Tulenko
  • Uranium and Thorium Resources - J. Stephen Herring
  • Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing - Michael F. Simpson and Jack D. Law
  • Nuclear Facilities Decommissioning - David R. Turner
  • Radioactive Waste Management: Storage, Transport, and Disposal - Audeen W. Fentiman
  • Nuclear Fusion - Thomas J. Dolan
  • Nuclear Power Economics - M. R. Deinert
  • Radiation Sources - Richard E. Faw and J. Kenneth Shultis
  • Ionizing Radiation Detectors - Wm. David Kulp III
  • Health Physics - John W. Poston
  • Dosimetry - John W. Poston
  • Radiation Shielding - J. Kenneth Shultis and Richard E. Faw
  • Applications of Radioisotopes - Robert Bruce Hayes
  • Nuclear Safeguards and Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Materials - Michael C. Baker