Handbook of Cyber-Development, Cyber-Democracy, and Cyber-Defense

Editor/Author Carayannis, Elias G., Campbell, David F. J. and Efthymiopoulos, Marios Panagiotis
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-3-319-09068-9
Category: Technology & Engineering - Technology
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Table of Contents

This book covers a wide spectrum of issues relating to economic and political development enabled by information and communication technology (ICT). Showcasing contributions from researchers, industry leaders and policymakers, this Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities created by technological innovations that are profoundly affecting the dynamics of economic growth, promotion of democratic principles, and the protection of individual, national, and regional rights.

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Table of Contents

  • Part I Cyber-Development
  • 1 Overview of Cyber-Development - Elias G. Carayannis and David F. J. Campbell
  • 2 Quadruple and Quintuple Helix Innovation Systems and Mode 3 Knowledge Production - Elias G. Carayannis and David F. J. Campbell
  • 3 Academic Firm in Cyber-Development: The New Design and Redesign Proposition for Entrepreneurship in the Innovation-Driven Knowledge Economy - David F. J. Campbell and Elias G. Carayannis
  • 4 Epistemic Governance and Epistemic Innovation Policy in Higher Education for Cyber-Development - David F. J. Campbell and Elias G. Carayannis
  • 5 The Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Governance of Energy Access: Exploring Application of Quadruple and Quintuple Helix Innovation Theory in Technology Transfer - Matthias Galan, David F. J. Campbell and Elias G. Carayannis
  • 6 Digitalization of Tax: Epistemic Tax Policy - David F. J. Campbell and Georg Hanschitz
  • 7 Welfare in a Competitive European Union? Some Aspects of Cybernetic Higher Education (HE) Policy in Knowledge Generation - Kajetan Stransky-Can
  • 8 The Limits of European Integration Theories: Cyber-Development and the Future of the European Union - Thomas A. E. Fuchs
  • 9 Reviewing European Astropolitics - Boris S. Manov
  • 10 Society in Need of Future: Complementary Foresight as a Method to Co-create Transition - Doris Wilhelmer
  • 11 Concept for Strategic Foresight Knowledge Development Framework for Horizon Scanning Center - Joachim Klerx, Johannes Göllner, Christian Meurers and Klaus Mak
  • 12 Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: How to Improve Your Local Ecosystem with Political Initiatives - Florian Alexander Boesenkopf
  • 13 Cyber-Subsidiarity: Toward a Global Sustainable Information Society - José María Díaz-Nafría
  • 14 Libya: Where Cyber-Democracy Reached Its Limits – How the Case of Libya Challenges the Idea of Cyber-Development - Nathalie Hoffmeister and David F. J. Campbell
  • 15 The Political Economy of Drone Warfare - Hamid R. Ekbia
  • 16 Space Defense: A New Offensive - Boris S. Manov
  • Part II Cyber-Democracy
  • 17 Overview of Cyber-Democracy - David F. J. Campbell and Elias G. Carayannis
  • 18 Quality of Democracy in Quadruple Helix Structures: OECD Countries in Global Comparison - David F. J. Campbell and Elias G. Carayannis
  • 19 The Quality of Democracy as a Key to Cyber-Democracy - Thorsten D. Barth and Willi Schlegelmilch
  • 20 Media in Knowledge Democracy and Cyber-Democracy - Wieland Schneider and David F. J. Campbell
  • 21 Citizenship Education and New Media: Opportunities and Challenges - Maria E. Haupt
  • 22 What Happened to the Public Sphere? The Networked Public Sphere and Public Opinion Formation - Jonas Kaiser, Birte Fähnrich, Markus Rhomberg and Peter Filzmaier
  • 23 Digitalization of Politics and Elections - Georg Hanschitz
  • 24 Knowledge Society, Knowledge Economy, and Knowledge Democracy - Nico Stehr and Alexander Ruser
  • 25 Mining Governance Mechanisms: Innovation Policy, Practice, and Theory Facing Algorithmic Decision-Making - Annalisa Pelizza and Stefan Kuhlmann
  • 26 Regime Type and Sovereign Wealth Management: Implications of Cyber-Democracy on Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment Behavior - Juergen Braunstein
  • 27 Toward a European Cyber Public Sphere? - Matthias Galan
  • 28 Consumerization of IT, Cyber-Democracy, and Cyber-Crime: The Inherent Challenges and Opportunities of Two Ends of a Continuum - Birgit Eigelsreiter
  • 29 Crowdsourcing Social Innovation: Toward a Collaborative Social Capitalism - Emanuele Musa
  • 30 Second-Order Science and New Cybernetics - Karl H. Müller
  • 31 Cyber-Democracy in the Middle East - Robert F. Xavier and David F. J. Campbell
  • 32 Democratization in the Middle East and North Africa: Tunisia, Egypt, and Turkey - Tuğba Özcan
  • 33 Transformation Toward Cyber-Democracy: A Study on Contemporary Policies, Practices, and Adoption Challenges for Pakistan - Shahzad Memon and Jawad Hussain Awan
  • 34 Cyber-Democracy and Cyber-Defense - Pavol Cabada
  • Part III Cyber-Defense
  • 35 Overview of Cyber-Defense - Marios Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos
  • 36 Cyber-Security and Sustainable Development: The Case of Dubai - Marios Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos
  • 37 Protective Function of Digital Forensics - Dusko Tomic, Eldar Saljic and Hana Korac
  • 38 Cyber War: Do We Have the Right Mindset? - Daniel F. Baltrusaits
  • 39 Cyber Insurance - Pythagoras Petratos, Anders Sandberg and Feng Zhou
  • 40 Cyber Documentation and Research Center “Horizon Scanning Center” for Cyber Analysis and Monitoring - Klaus Mak, Johannes Göllner, Peter Prah, Christian Meurers and Joachim Klerx
  • 41 Global Supply Chain Network Risk Analysis and Monitoring for Global Cyber-Defense - Johannes Göllner, Andreas Peer, Stefan Rass, Gerald Quirchmayr and Viliam Zathurecky
  • 42 Cyberwar and Cyberpeace - Stefan Hügel, Hans-Jörg Kreowski and Dietrich Meyer-Ebrecht
  • 43 Privacy in the Cyberspace: Threats and Prospects - Tomáš Sigmund
  • 44 Cyber-Challenges and NATO - Marios Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos
  • 45 Focusing on Mission and Business Objectives Through a Different Lens: The New Cyber Offensive - John S. Hurley
  • 46 IP Hopping by Mobile IPv6 - Vahid Heydari
  • 47 Assessing the Risk of Ports and Their Supply Chains: The CYSM, MEDUSA, and MITIGATE Approaches - Nineta Polemi and Spyridon Papastergiou
  • 48 Cyber-Security Policies of East European Countries - Dusko Tomic, Eldar Saljic and Danilo Cupic
  • 49 Annotated Bibliography on the Impact of Geofencing as a Security Strategy Model - Anthony Chukwuemeka Ijeh