Springer International Handbooks of Education: Handbook of Comparative Studies on Community Colleges and Global Counterparts

Editor/Author Latiner Raby, Rosalind and Valeau, Edward J.
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-3-319-50911-2
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

This book explores the complexities of community colleges and global counterparts by focusing on critical analysis of governance, leadership, and mission.

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Table of Contents

  • Springer International Handbooks of Education
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Prologue 1
  • Prologue 2
  • Prologue 3
  • Advisory Board
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Editors and Contributors
  • Contributors
  • Volume 1 Building a Higher Educational Sector
  • 1 Building a Higher Educational Sector: Volume Introduction
  • Globalization: Mission, Market Commodity, and the Philosophical Role
  • 2 Community Colleges and Global Counterparts: Defining a Higher Educational Sector
  • 3 The Changing Shape of Further and Higher Education in the UK
  • 4 TAFE in Australia
  • 5 Sustainability of Massification in East Asian Higher Education: Community Colleges in Hong Kong in Retrospect and Prospects
  • 6 Transnational Education Policy and a Globally Competitive Workforce: A Comparative Analysis of Vocational Education and Training Policy in the European Union and the United States
  • 7 Developments in the Postsecondary Education Niche in South Africa
  • 8 Economics of Education in Afghanistan: Expanding Academic Programs Based on Market Demands Dictated by International Agency Funds Toward Self-Sustainability
  • Institutional and Cultural Adaptations
  • 9 From Pilot Project to Permanent Status: Community Colleges in Vietnam
  • 10 Developing Community Education: A New Model of Community Colleges in Mainland China
  • 11 Reenvisioning Community Colleges in Nepal: Preparing All Students for Success
  • 12 Translating the Community College Concept in India
  • Theories on Achieving Equity: Philosophy and Practice
  • 13 Center and Periphery in Israel's Higher Education
  • 14 Second-Tier Higher Education Institutions and the Diversity Challenge: Structural Components Adopted Through a Germanic Lens
  • 15 Analyzing the Media Narratives in South Africa's #FeesMustFall Movement
  • 16 Further Education Colleges in the United Kingdom: Providing Education for Other People's Children
  • Class, Race, and Gender Inequalities: Implications for Educational Opportunities
  • 17 Academic Education of Israeli Arabs: Transitions from 2006 to 2016 and the Impact on Their Social Integration
  • 18 Challenges and Opportunities – Community College Development in Afghanistan: Serving Students and Gender Equity
  • 19 Why the TVET System of French-Speaking African Countries is Not Able to Produce a Highly Qualified and Operational Man Power? A Comparison with Canadian Community Colleges
  • 20 Technical Education in Colombia Between Expansion and Legitimacy: A Neo-Institutional Perspective
  • Volume 2 Structural Components: The Challenges of Change
  • 21 Structural Components: The Challenges of Change: Volume Introduction
  • Curriculum, Program Assessment, and Quality Assurance
  • 22 Functions, Organization, and Contemporary Challenges of the American Community College
  • 23 Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Outcomes in Health Systems Management Studies, the Case of Israel: Ideal Versus Actual
  • 24 Linking Internationalization to Student Success: Voices from Stakeholders
  • 25 Evolution of Community Colleges in Thailand: From Formal Establishment to the Present Time
  • 26 Feasibility and Challenges on a National Qualifications Framework and Permeability in Education and Training System in Japan
  • 27 Quality Assurance in China's New Public Higher Education Institutions: Achievements, Challenges, and Illustrative Case Studies
  • Internationalization: Designing Curricular, Mobility, and Partnerships Opportunities
  • 28 Enablers and Constrainers of Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study from Portugal
  • 29 The Internationalization of Vocational Education in Brazil's Federal Institutes: Another Model
  • 30 A Horse of a Different Color? Reexamining International Students at Community Colleges in the USA and Canada
  • 31 Vietnam and Higher Education Internationalization: The Promise of Community Colleges
  • 32 Promoting Green Skills in the Caribbean: A Grenada–Canada Partnership to Educate and Train the Sustainable Development Practitioner for the Twenty-First Century
  • Innovation: Adaptation to Education Needs of the Learner
  • 33 Adult Learning in Italy: Historical Context and Perspectives for a New Provision
  • 34 Meeting the Challenges of Globalization while Preserving Institutional Singularity: The Case of Quebec CEGEPs
  • 35 Roles of Community College for Community Development in Malaysia: Entrepreneurship Education Program
  • 36 The Community College Branch Campus in Kuwait: Meeting Needs of the People and of Industry
  • 37 Educational Reform Through Sponsored Projects in Curacao: Government-Sponsored Technical and Career Institutions, Postsecondary Education, and the Challenges of Workforce Development
  • 38 Upgrading Polytechnic in Namibia to the Namibia University of Science and Technology and the Post-secondary Education Niche in Namibia
  • Pathways Post-completion: Career Advancement, University Transfer, and Baccalaureate Degrees
  • 39 Developing a Skilled Workforce Through Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the Philippines
  • 40 Fostering Creative, Practical, and Professional Engineers: National Institute of Technology (KOSEN) in Japan
  • 41 The Community College Concept and Youth Unemployment in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
  • 42 When the Walls Come Tumbling Down: A Case Study of Community Colleges Within a Canadian High Mobility Postsecondary System
  • 43 Dimensions of Collaboration Between Community Colleges and Universities in Facilitating Attainment of Baccalaureate Degrees in Career and Technical Education
  • Concluding Chapter
  • 44 Community Colleges and Global Counterparts as Evolving Forms
  • Erratum to: Developing a Skilled Workforce Through Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the Philippines