Springer International Handbooks of Education: Handbook of Research and Practice in Heritage Language Education

Editor/Author Trifonas, Peter Pericles and Aravossitas, Themistoklis
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-3-319-44694-3
Category: Social Sciences - Education
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Table of Contents

This book covers the multidimensional and international field of Heritage Language Education, including concepts, practices, and the correlation between culture and language from the perspectives of pedagogy and research.

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Table of Contents

  • Springer International Handbooks of Education
  • Editors and Contributors
  • Contributors
  • Introduction
  • 1 Heritage and Language: Cultural Diversity and Education - Peter Pericles Trifonas and Themistoklis Aravossitas
  • Heritage Language Learners
  • 2 Developing Metacognition and Interculturality in Heritage Language Learners - Hui Ling Xu and Robyn Moloney
  • 3 Heritage Language Speakers in the University Classroom, Doing Research - Naomi Nagy
  • 4 Heritage Language Learners in Mixed University Classes: Language Skills, Attitudes, and Implications for Curriculum Development - Marianthi Oikonomakou, Themistoklis Aravossitas and Eleni Skourtou
  • 5 Unacknowledged Negotiations: Bilingual Students Report on How They Negotiate Their Languages Within the Monolingual Primary School System in Cyprus - Katherine Fincham-Louis
  • 6 Cultural, Linguistic Knowledge and Experiences Among Learners of Chinese Origin in Spain - Iulia Mancila
  • 7 Russian Heritage Learners’ Goals and Motivation - Julia Titus
  • 8 Identity and Motivation Among Heritage Language Learners of Italian in New Zealand: A Social Constructivist Perspective - Arianna Berardi-Wiltshire
  • Teaching Heritage Languages
  • 9 Why Should Formal Linguistic Approaches to Heritage Language Acquisition Be Linked to Heritage Language Pedagogies? - Fatih Bayram, Josh Prada, Diego Pascual y Cabo and Jason Rothman
  • 10 Plurilingualism: Vision, Conceptualization, and Practices - Enrica Piccardo
  • 11 The Multiplicity Framework: Potential Applications for Heritage Language Education and Pedagogy - Donna Starks and Howard Nicholas
  • 12 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Modeling Teachers’ Professional Learning to Advance Plurilingualism - Eugenia Arvanitis
  • 13 Professional Development of Heritage Language Instructors: Profiles, Needs, and Course Evaluation - Themistoklis Aravossitas and Marianthi Oikonomakou
  • 14 Language Teachers’ Ideologies in a Complementary Greek School in Montreal: Heteroglossia and Teaching - Argyro Panagiotopoulou, Lisa Rosen and Ofelia García
  • 15 A Language Contact Perspective on Heritage Languages in the Classroom - Suzanne Pauline Aalberse
  • 16 Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Language Education Through Plurilingualism: Linking the Theory into Practice - Angelica Galante
  • Educational Systems, Policies, and Resources
  • 17 Encouraging the Use and Activation of Heritage Languages in the Broader Educational System - Lesya Alexandra Granger
  • 18 The National Heritage Language Resource Center: A Locus of Activity in the Field of Heritage Languages in the USA - Maria M. Carreira, Arturo Díaz and Olga E. Kagan
  • 19 Teaching Hungarian as Heritage Language in North America - Rita Gardosi
  • 20 Heritage Language Education in Germany: A Focus on Turkish and Russian from Primary to Higher Education - Helena Olfert and Anke Schmitz
  • 21 The Victorian School of Languages as a Model for Heritage Language Education - Louisa Willoughby
  • 22 High Stakes Assessment of Heritage Languages: The Case of the Victorian Certificate of Education - Louisa Willoughby
  • 23 Languages and Learning in South African Classrooms: Finding Common Ground with North/South Concerns for Linguistic Access, Equity, and Social Justice in Education - Margie Probyn
  • 24 A Reconsideration of the Distinctive Role of Heritage Languages in Languages Education in Australia - Angela Scarino
  • Families and Communities
  • 25 Turkish Heritage Language Acquisition and Maintenance in Germany - Fatih Bayram and Clare Wright
  • 26 Heritage Language Development in Interlingual Families - Martin Guardado
  • 27 Parents-Schools’ Communication and Albanian as a Heritage Language in Greece - George Androulakis, Anastasia Gkaintartzi, Roula Kitsiou and Sofia Tsioli
  • 28 Bilingualism in Younger Generation of Greek Orthodox Community in Istanbul: The Language Use of Greek and Turkish Languages in Greek Minority Educational Institutions - Maria (Rika) Rompopoulou
  • 29 Strengthening Linguistic Bridges Between Home and School: Experiences of Immigrant Children and Parents in Iceland - Renata Emilsson Peskova and Hanna Ragnarsdóttir
  • 30 Building Empowering Multilingual Learning Communities in Icelandic Schools - Hanna Ragnarsdóttir
  • 31 So Many Languages to Choose from: Heritage Languages and the African Diaspora - James Kigamwa
  • Ethnicity, Identity, and Ideologies
  • 32 Twice a Foreigner in a Foreign Land: Dispute and Identity Assertion Among Expatriate Students in Germany, Based on Language and Origin - Thomas K. Babalis and Panagiota Kalakou
  • 33 Linguistic Foundations of Heritage Language Development from the Perspective of Romance Languages in Germany - Cristina Flores, Tanja Kupisch and Esther Rinke
  • 34 Ideological Framing of Heritage Language Education in the United States - Jeff Bale
  • 35 Transnational Hispanic Identity and Heritage Language Learning: A Canadian Perspective - Ivan Fernández
  • 36 Identity, Language, and Language Policies in the Diaspora: Historical-Comparative Approach - Michael Damanakis
  • 37 Language and Ethnicity - Michail Vitopoulos
  • 38 Heritage Language, Identity, and Education in Europe: Evidence from the UK - Margherita Di Salvo
  • Preserving and Revitalizing Heritage Languages
  • 39 Critical Approaches to Heritage Language Learning: From Linguistic Survival to Resistance and Action - Maite Correa
  • 40 Sustainability of French Heritage Language Education in the United States - Jane F. Ross, Fabrice Jaumont, Julia Schulz, Joseph Dunn and Lauren Ducrey
  • 41 Barriers in d/Deaf Pedagogy in the North Eastern States in India - Melissa G. Wallang
  • 42 Revitalizing Indigenous Languages: A Call for Community Action to Address Systemic Discrimination - Laura French Bourgeois, Roxane de la Sablonnière and Donald M. Taylor
  • 43 Revitalization of the Bora Language - Andrés Napurí
  • 44 Revitalizing Malacca Portuguese Creole - Stefanie Pillai, Adriana Phillip and Wen-Yi Soh
  • 45 Preserving Heritage Languages Through Schooling in India - Mani Bhasin Kalra