Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology Series: Energy from Organic Materials (Biomass)

Editor/Author Kaltschmitt, Martin
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-1-4939-7812-0
Category: Technology & Engineering - Engineering
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Table of Contents

This comprehensive reference is a state-of-the-art survey of biomass as an energy carrier for the provision of heat, electricity, and transportation fuel, considering technical, economic, environmental, and social aspects.

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Table of Contents

  • Volume Preface
  • About the Editor-in-Chief
  • Editors and Contributors
  • Renewable Energy from Biomass: Introduction - Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Part I Resource Side
  • Biomass Production: Biological Basics - Matthias Gilbert and Christian Wilhelm
  • Wood from Forests: Trees and Production Schemes - Michael Köhl
  • Short Rotation Coppice: Status and Prospects - Anne Rödl
  • Lignocellulosic Energy Grasses for Combustion, Production, and Provision - Yasir Iqbal and Iris Lewandowski
  • Biogas Substrates from Municipalities and Industries - Ulrike Seyfert, Daniela Thrän and Jasmin Kalcher
  • Biogas Production and Energy Cropping - Christoph Strauß, Armin Vetter, Michael Dickeduisberg and Andreas Von Felde
  • Algae: A New Biomass Resource - Alberta Pinnola, Cinzia Formighieri and Roberto Bassi
  • World Markets for Wood: Status and Prospects - Udo Mantau, Marian Mayr, Przemko Döring, Ulrike Saal, Sebastian Glasenapp and Christian Blanke
  • World Markets for Sugar and Starch: Status and Prospects - Verena Wolf and Marlen Haß
  • World Markets for Vegetable Oils: Status and Prospects - Thomas Mielke
  • Biomass Resources, Worldwide - André P. C. Faaij
  • Part II Overview Conversion
  • Biomass as Renewable Source of Energy: Possible Conversion Routes - Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Part III Heat and Electricity from Solid Biofuels
  • Thermochemical Conversion of Solid Biofuels: Processes and Techniques - Daniel Christ, Marvin Scherzinger, Ulf Neuling and Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Solid Biofuels and Their Characteristics - Hans Hartmann
  • Upgraded “New” Solid Biofuels - Marco Klemm, Ralf Schmersahl, Claudia Kirsten, Nadja Weller, Annett Pollex, Jan Hari Arti Khalsa and Thomas Zeng
  • Emissions from Solid Biofuel Combustion: Pollutant Formation and Control Options - Isabel Höfer, Martin Kaltschmitt and Alexander Beckendorff
  • Biomass Energy Heat Provision for Cooking and Heating in Developing Countries - Ralph P. Overend
  • Biomass Energy Heat Provision in Modern Small-Scale Systems - Hans Hartmann and Volker Lenz
  • Biomass Energy Heat Provision in Modern Large-Scale Systems - Ingwald Obernberger, Friedrich Biedermann and Thomas Brunner
  • Biomass Energy Small-Scale Combined Heat and Power Systems - Daniel Büchner, Andreas Ortwein, Ernst Höftberger and Volker Lenz
  • Biomass Combustion for Electricity Generation - Andreas Wiese
  • Co-combustion of Solid Biofuels in Coal-Fired Power Plants - Hartmut Spliethoff and Christian Wolf
  • Small Scale Biomass Gasification for Rural Electrification - Marco Klemm
  • Large Scale Biomass Gasification for Electricity and Fuels - Hermann Hofbauer
  • Part IV Heat and Electricity from Biogas
  • Anaerobic Fermentation of Organic Material: Biological Processes and Their Control Parameters - Jan Liebetrau, Sören Weinrich, Heike Sträuber and Jörg Kretzschmar
  • Biogas for Energy Provision from Agricultural Feedstock: Hi-Tech Applications - Frank Scholwin, Michael Nelles and Johan Grope
  • Biogas for Energy Provision from Organic Waste: Hi-Tech Applications - Henrik B. Møller and Alastair J. Ward
  • Part V Fuel for Transportation Purpose
  • Conversion Pathways Toward Transportation Fuels: Identification and Comparison - Ulf Neuling and Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Liquid Fuels from Vegetable Oil - Ulf Neuling and Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Bioethanol from Sugar and Starch - Anton Friedl
  • Bioethanol from Sugar: The Brazilian Experience - José Goldemberg, Suani Teixeira Coelho, Patricia Guardabassi and Plinio Mário Nastari
  • Bioethanol from Starch: The US Experience - Dale A. Monceaux
  • Bioethanol from Lignocellulosic Biomass - Charles E. Wyman, Charles M. Cai and Rajeev Kumar
  • Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels Derived from Alcohols - Jan Pechstein and Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Biomass to Liquid (BtL) - Hermann Hofbauer and Reinhard Rauch
  • Biosynthetic Natural Gas (Bio-SNG) - Tilman J. Schildhauer
  • Transportation Biofuels via the Pyrolysis Pathway: Status and Prospects - Javier Fermoso, Patricia Pizarro, Juan M. Coronado and David P. Serrano
  • Biomethane in the Transportation Sector - Sebastian Timmerberg, Christiane Dieckmann, Ralph Mackenthun and Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Bio-Gtl Processes - Jan Peer Gebauer and Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Biofuels: A Technical, Economic, and Environmental Comparison - Franziska Mueller-Langer, Stefan Majer and Anastasios Perimenis
  • Part VI Other Options
  • Plant Oil Fuels Combined Heat and Power (CHP) - Klaus Thuneke
  • Pyrolysis of Solid Biomass: Basics, Processes and Products - Anthony V. Bridgwater
  • Hydrothermal Conversion of Biomass - Frédéric Vogel
  • Part VII Energy System Aspects
  • Bioenergy within Global Energy Systems: Current and Future Contribution - Martin Kaltschmitt and Annika Magdowski
  • Bioenergy: Role in Balancing the Electricity Grid and as Energy Storage - David Chiaramonti, Leonardo Nibbi, Antti Arasto, Juha Kiviluoma, Eric van den Heuvel, Lars Waldheim and Kyriakos Maniatis
  • Biomass Provision and Use: Sustainability Aspects - Floor van der Hilst, Ric Hoefnagels, Martin Junginger, Marc Londo, Li Shen and Birka Wicke
  • The Biorefinery Approach - Lisa M. Schmidt, Lennart F. Andersen, Christiane Dieckmann, Anne Lamp and Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Innovative Options for Energy Provision - Christian Wilhelm