Reference Series in Phytochemistry: Sweeteners

Editor/Author Merillon, Jean-Michel and Ramawat, Kishan Gopal
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-3-319-27027-2
Category: Science - Chemistry
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Table of Contents

This handbook compiles comprehensive reference information on sweeteners for academic researchers and professionals. It discusses both natural as well as synthetic products, considering health-related and economical aspects.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Editors and Contributors
  • 1 An Introduction to Sweeteners - Arpita Das and Runu Chakraborty
  • Part I Biology and Occurrence
  • 2 Brazzein: A Natural Sweetener - V. Rajan and J. A. Howard
  • 3 Cultivation of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni and Associated Challenges - Luciana G. Angelini, Andrea Martini, Barbara Passera and Silvia Tavarini
  • 4 Glycyrrhiza glabra: Chemistry and Pharmacological Activity - Varsha Sharma, Akshay Katiyar and R. C. Agrawal
  • 5 Steviol Glycosides: Natural Noncaloric Sweeteners - Indra Prakash and Venkata Sai Prakash Chaturvedula
  • 6 Xylitol as Sweetener - Salim-ur Rehman, Mian Anjum Murtaza and Zarina Mushtaq
  • Part II Biotechnology and Genetic Modifications
  • 7 Biotransformation of Mogrosides - Reuben Wang, Chun-Hui Chiu, Ting-Jang Lu and Yi-Chen Lo
  • 8 Mass Production of the Taste-Modifying Protein Miraculin in Transgenic Plants - Hiroshi Ezura and Kyoko Hiwasa-Tanase
  • 9 Transgenic Plants as Producers of Supersweet Protein Thaumatin II - A. P. Firsov, A. S. Pushin and S. V. Dolgov
  • 10 Transgenics with Monellin - Tanushri Kaul, Chinreddy Subramanyam Reddy and Saurabh Pandey
  • Part III Biological Effects
  • 11 The Role of Dietary Sugars and Sweeteners in Metabolic Disorders and Diabetes - Motahar Heidari-Beni and Roya Kelishadi
  • 12 The Pharmacological Activities of Glycyrrhizinic Acid (“Glycyrrhizin”) and Glycyrrhetinic Acid - Cedric Stephan Graebin
  • 13 Beneficial Effects of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni and Steviol-Related Compounds on Health - Alan Talevi
  • 14 Health Implications of Fructose Consumption in Humans - Luc Tappy
  • 15 Potential Carcinogenic Risks of Aspartame - Morando Soffritti, Angela Guaragna and Marco Manservigi
  • 16 Stevia Rebaudiana 's Antioxidant Properties - Cecilia Bender
  • 17 Nonnutritive Sweeteners and Their Role in the Gastrointestinal Tract - Allison C. Sylvetsky, Jenna Abdelhadi, Najy Issa and Kristina I. Rother
  • 18 Sweet-Taste Receptor Signaling Network and Low-Calorie Sweeteners - Menizibeya O. Welcome, Nikos E. Mastorakis and Vladimir A. Pereverzev
  • 19 Xylitol: One Name, Numerous Benefits - Chika Ifeanyi Chukwuma and Md. Shahidul Islam
  • Part IV Methods of Analysis
  • 20 Analytical Strategies to Determine Artificial Sweeteners by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry - Rosa A. Lorenzo Ferreira, María Asunción Lage Yusty and Antonia María Carro Díaz
  • 21 Characterization of Artificial Sweeteners Using Raman Spectroscopy - Anna Grazia Mignani, Leonardo Ciaccheri, Gabriele Manca, Andrea Azelio Mencaglia, Tom Verschooten, Heidi Ottevaere and Hugo Thienpont
  • 22 Sweet-Tasting Protein Thaumatin: Physical and Chemical Properties - Tetsuya Masuda
  • Part V Industrial Applications
  • 23 The Recent Development of a Sweet-Tasting Brazzein and its Potential Industrial Applications - Fabrice Neiers, Christian Naumer, Michael Krohn and Loïc Briand
  • 24 Sugar Alcohols as Sugar Substitutes in Food Industry - Małgorzata Grembecka
  • 25 Tagatose Stability Issues in Food Systems - Leonard N. Bell
  • 26 Low Calorie Intense Sweeteners: Safety Aspects - Qurrat ul-Ain, Madiha Sikander, Sohaib Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Sikander Ghayas Khan and Rabia Ghayas
  • 27 Sweeteners: Regulatory Aspects - Jose Manuel García-Almeida, Isabel M. Cornejo-Pareja, Araceli Muñoz-Garach, Ana Gómez-Pérez and Jorge García-Alemán