Handbook of Energy Systems in Green Buildings

Editor/Author Wang, Ruzhu and Zhai, Xiaoqiang
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-3-662-49120-1
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Table of Contents

This handbook provides a comprehensive summary on the energy systems used in green buildings, with a particular focus on solar energy - the most common renewable energy source applied in this field.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part I Introduction to Green Building Concepts
  • Challenges in the Modeling and Simulation of Green Buildings - Salvatore Carlucci, Mohamed Hamdy and Amin Moazami
  • Definitions, Targets, and Key Performance Indicators for New and Renovated Zero Emission Buildings - Inger Andresen
  • Bioclimatic Design of Green Buildings - Luca Finocchiaro and Gabriele Lobaccaro
  • Part II Solar Energy Systems
  • Solar Collectors and Solar Hot Water Systems - Runsheng Tang and Guihua Li
  • Solar Water Heating System - X. Luo, Xiaoli Ma, Y. F. Xu, Z. K. Feng, W. P. Du, Ruzhu Wang and Ming Li
  • Solar Cooling Systems - Y. F. Xu, Ming Li, Y. F. Wang and Ruzhu Wang
  • Solar Air Heating System - Wei Wang and Ming Li
  • Solar Desiccant Cooling System - M. M. Xu and H. Li
  • Building-Integrated Photovoltaic System - Xun Ma and Taixiang Zhao
  • Part III Efficient Heat Pump Energy Systems
  • Air-Source Heat Pump Systems - Shuang Jiang
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Systems - Yao Yu and Gaylord Olson
  • Introduction of Water Source Heat Pump System - Shui Yu
  • Air Cycle Heat Pumps - Shugang Wang
  • Part IV Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power (CCHP) Systems
  • Introduction to CCHP Systems - Ying Li and Xiangqiang Kong
  • Prime Movers - Dong Zhang and Xiangqiang Kong
  • Thermally Activated Refrigeration Technologies - Jianbo Li and Xiangqiang Kong
  • Design and Assessment of CCHP Systems - Xiangqiang Kong and Ying Li
  • Part V Efficient Heating and Cooling Technologies
  • Efficient Water-Cooled Chillers - Xiuping Zhang, Lei Jia, Junfeng Wu, Rujin Wang, Jiong Li and Yu Zhong
  • Independent Temperature and Humidity Control Air-Conditioning Systems - Tao Zhang and Xiaohua Liu
  • Small Temperature Difference Terminals - D. Liu, P. K. Li, Xiaoqiang Zhai, Ruzhu Wang and Ming Liu
  • Heat/Energy Recovery Technologies in Buildings - Xinke Wang
  • Measurement of Energy Consumption in Buildings - Rang Tu
  • Part VI Energy Storage
  • Energy Storage by Sensible Heat for Buildings - Yilin Fan and Lingai Luo
  • Energy Storage by PCM for Building Applications - Aditya Chauhan, V. V. Tyagi, Sanjeev Anand, A. K. Pandey, Ahmet Sari and F. A. Al-Sulaiman
  • Energy Storage by Adsorption Technology for Building - Frédéric Kuznik
  • Seasonal Storage System of Solar Energy for House Heating by Absorption Technology - Nolwenn Le Pierrès
  • Electrical Energy Storage for Buildings - Tao Ma, Lu Shen and Meng Li
  • Sorption Thermal Energy Storage - Y. N. Zhang, Ruzhu Wang and T. X. Li
  • Part VII Passive Building Design
  • Passive Building Walls - Xing Jin
  • Green Roof - Alice Xinyan Yang and Jianjian Wei
  • Natural Ventilation - Xiaohong Zheng, Zhenni Shi, Zheqi Xuan and Hua Qian
  • Passive Solar Building - Zhongting Hu and Wei He
  • Shading Technology - Xiaojian Xie, Jianjian Wei and Jingxin Huang
  • The Nonvisual Effect of Natural Lighting - Xiang Li and Bin Chen
  • Part VIII Integrated Energy Systems in Green Buildings
  • Integration of Solar Systems with Heat Pumps and Other Technologies - Li Bin
  • Integration of Ground Source Heat Pump with Other Technologies - Bin Hu
  • Integration of CCHP with Renewable Energy - Chunyuan Zheng and Gan Yang
  • Smart Building Energy Systems - Chenhao Yang
  • Part IX Cases of Energy Systems in Green Buildings
  • Integrated Energy System in a Green Energy Lab - Xiwen Cheng
  • Air-Conditioning System in a Green Office Building - Xiaohong Wang, Pengfei Xu, Ming Liu and Yanping Wang
  • Case of CCHP System in Shanghai - Gan Yang and Chunyuan Zheng
  • Design and Operation of District Heating and Cooling System in Shanghai International Shipping Service Center - Jianrong Yang, Ying Zhang, Ruipu Wang, Xiaoxiao Shen, Yang Yu and Gao Yi
  • Design and Operation of HVAC System in the New Office Building of Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences - Jianrong Yang, Ying Zhang, Lizhen Wang, Xiaoxiao Shen, Zhengjun Qiao, Yi Gao and Lu Yao
  • Case of Energy System in a Green Building in Tianjin - Ligai Kang, Zelin Li and Shuai Deng
  • Cases of Energy System in a Green Building in UK - Xudong Zhao, Xiaoli Ma, Peng Xu, Diallo Thierno, Zishang Zhu and Jinzhi Zhou
  • Solar- or Gas-Driven Absorption System for Cooling and Heating in a Hotel - Xu Zhenyuan
  • Case of Energy System in Northwest China - J. P. Li, J. Y. Yang, X. F. Zhen, W. J. Guan and C. X. Xie
  • Energy Systems of Green Buildings in Australia - Xiaolin Wang and Liangzhuo Hou