Humanoid Robotics: A Reference

Editor/Author Goswami, Ambarish and Vadakkepat, Prahlad
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-94-007-6045-5
Category: Technology & Engineering - Engineering
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Table of Contents

Humanoid Robotics: a Reference provides a comprehensive compilation of developments in the conceptualization, design and development of humanoid robots and related technologies.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Editors and Contributors
  • Part I History of Humanoid Robots
  • Humanoid Robots: Historical Perspective, Overview, and Scope - Bruno Siciliano and Oussama Khatib
  • Historical Perspective of Humanoid Robot Research in the Americas - Stefan Schaal
  • Historical Perspective of Humanoid Robot Research in Europe - Yannick Aoustin, Christine Chevallereau and Jean-Paul Laumond
  • Historical Perspective of Humanoid Robot Research in Asia - Atsuo Takanishi
  • Part II Development Story of 14 Famous Humanoid Robots
  • ASIMO and Humanoid Robot Research at Honda - Satoshi Shigemi
  • MIT Cog - Brian Scassellati
  • HRP-4 and Other HRP Robots - Shuuji Kajita
  • History of HUBO: Korean Humanoid Robot - Jung-Woo Heo, Jungho Lee, In-Ho Lee, Jeongsoo Lim and Jun-Ho Oh
  • Johnnie and LOLA: The TUM Bipeds - Thomas Buschmann and Michael Gienger
  • NAO - Rodolphe Gelin
  • The PETMAN and Atlas Robots at Boston Dynamics - Gabe Nelson, Aaron Saunders and Robert Playter
  • Sony QRIO - Kenichiro Nagasaka
  • Robonaut, Valkyrie, and NASA Robots - John Yamokoski and Nicolaus Radford
  • Toyota Partner Robots - Masahiro Doi and Yuichiro Nakajima
  • WABIAN and Other Waseda Robots - Kenji Hashimoto and Atsuo Takanishi
  • iCub - Lorenzo Natale, Chiara Bartolozzi, Francesco Nori, Giulio Sandini and Giorgio Metta
  • Sarcos Robots - Fraser Smith
  • The Karlsruhe ARMAR Humanoid Robot Family - Tamim Asfour, Rüdiger Dillmann, Nikolaus Vahrenkamp, Martin Do, Mirko Wächter, Christian Mandery, Peter Kaiser, Manfred Kröhnert and Markus Grotz
  • Part III Humanoid Mechanism and Design
  • Introduction: Humanoid Mechanism and Design - Kensuke Harada
  • Leg Mechanism of LOLA - Sebastian Lohmeier
  • Compliant Leg Mechanism of Coman - Nikos G. Tsagarakis, Gustavo Medrano Cerda and Darwin G. Caldwell
  • Human-Like Toe Joint Mechanism - Ko Yamamoto
  • Wire Driven Multi-fingered Hand - Hiroshi Kaminaga
  • DLR Multi-fingered Hands - Markus Grebenstein, Maxime Chalon, Máximo A. Roa and Christoph Borst
  • Underactuation with Link Mechanisms - Clément Gosselin
  • BarrettHand Grasper: Programmably Flexible Part Handling and Assembly - William T. Townsend
  • Human-Like Hand Mechanism - Ashish D. Deshpande
  • Human-Like Face and Head Mechanism - Tatsuhiro Kishi, Kenji Hashimoto and Atsuo Takanishi
  • Mechanism Design of Human-Like HRP-4C - Shuuji Kajita
  • Mechanism Design Outline of Hubo - Taejin Jung, Jeongsoo Lim, Hyoin Bae and Jun-Ho Oh
  • Mechanism Design of DLR Humanoid Robots - Christian Ott, Máximo A. Roa, Florian Schmidt, Werner Friedl, Johannes Englsberger, Robert Burger, Alexander Werner, Alexander Dietrich, Daniel Leidner, Bernd Henze, Oliver Eiberger, Alexander Beyer, Berthold Bäuml, Christoph Borst and Alin Albu-Schäffer
  • Part IV Humanoid Kinematics and Dynamics
  • Historical Perspective and Scope - Tomomichi Sugihara
  • Differential Kinematics - Dragomir Nenchev
  • Dynamics Analysis: Equations of Motion - Tomomichi Sugihara and Yasutaka Fujimoto
  • Dynamic Formulations and Computational Algorithms - Hubert Gattringer and Andreas Mueller
  • Contact Dynamics - Tomomichi Sugihara
  • Reduced-Order Models - Tomomichi Sugihara and Katsu Yamane
  • Calibration and Parameter Estimation - Gentiane Venture and Ko Ayusawa
  • A Comparative Study Between Humans and Humanoid Robots - Katsu Yamane and Akihiko Murai
  • Humanoid Kinematics and Dynamics: Open Questions and Future Directions - Michael Gienger and Jochen J. Steil
  • Part V Humanoid Control
  • Linear Inverted Pendulum-Based Gait - Shuuji Kajita
  • Gait Based on the Spring-Loaded Inverted Pendulum - Hartmut Geyer and Uluc Saranli
  • Limit Cycle Gaits - Fumihiko Asano
  • Neuromuscular Control Models of Human Locomotion - Hartmut Geyer and André Seyfarth
  • Compliance/Impedance Control Strategy for Humanoids - Jong Hyeon Park
  • Passivity-Based Control Strategy for Humanoids - Jong Hyeon Park
  • Virtual Constraints and Hybrid Zero Dynamics for Realizing Underactuated Bipedal Locomotion - Jessy W. Grizzle and Christine Chevallereau
  • Model Predictive Control - Pierre-Brice Wieber
  • CPG-Based Control of Humanoid Robot Locomotion - Florin Dzeladini, Nadine Ait-Bouziad and Auke Ijspeert
  • Humanoid Body Control Using Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic - Dilip Kumar Pratihar, V. Pandu Ranga and Rega Rajendra
  • Whole-Body Control of Humanoid Robots - Federico L. Moro and Luis Sentis
  • Reflex Control - Riadh Zaier
  • Toward a Codesign Approach for Versatile and Energy-Efficient Humanoid Robots - Jean-Paul Laumond and Mehdi Benallegue
  • Principles of Energetics and Stability in Legged Locomotion - Jeremy D. Wong and J. Maxwell Donelan
  • Learning Control - Sylvain Calinon and Dongheui Lee
  • Part VI Humanoid Balance
  • Introduction to Humanoid Balance - Jerry E. Pratt, Christian Ott and Sang-Ho Hyon
  • Human Sense of Balance - Thomas Mergner and Robert J. Peterka
  • Torque-Based Balancing - Christian Ott and Sang-Ho Hyon
  • Angular Momentum-Based Balance Control - Sung-Hee Lee, Andreas Hofmann and Ambarish Goswami
  • Stepping for Balance Maintenance Including Push-Recovery - Jerry E. Pratt, Sylvain Bertrand and Twan Koolen
  • Feedback Control of Inverted Pendulums - Shuuji Kajita
  • Technical Implementations of the Sense of Balance - Michael Bloesch and Marco Hutter
  • Balancing via Position Control - Youngjin Choi, Yonghwan Oh and Giho Jang
  • Optimization-Based Control Approaches to Humanoid Balancing - Aurélien Ibanez, Philippe Bidaud and Vincent Padois
  • Part VII Humanoid Motion Planning, Optimization, and Gait Generation
  • Introduction: Motion Planning, Optimization, and Biped Gait Generation - Eiichi Yoshida and Katja Mombaur
  • Whole-Body Motion Planning - Eiichi Yoshida, Fumio Kanehiro and Jean-Paul Laumond
  • Obeying Constraints During Motion Planning - Dmitry Berenson
  • Manipulation and Task Execution by Humanoids - Kensuke Harada and Máximo A. Roa
  • Human Motion Imitation - Dana Kuli´c
  • Principles Underlying Locomotor Trajectory Formation - Manish Sreenivasa, Jean-Paul Laumond, Katja Mombaur and Alain Berthoz
  • Biped Footstep Planning - Nicolas Perrin
  • Adaptive Locomotion on Uneven Terrains - Kris Hauser
  • SLAM and Vision-based Humanoid Navigation - Olivier Stasse
  • Multi-contact Motion Planning and Control - Karim Bouyarmane, Stéphane Caron, Adrien Escande and Abderrahmane Kheddar
  • Humanoid Motion Optimization - Katja Mombaur
  • Humanoid Motion Planning, Optimization, and Gait Generation: Open Questions and Future Directions - Katja Mombaur and Eiichi Yoshida
  • Part VIII Humanoid Simulation and Software
  • Humanoid Simulation and Software: Overview - Katsu Yamane
  • Multi-body Simulation - Katsu Yamane
  • Contact Simulation - Evan Drumwright and Jeffrey C. Trinkle
  • Collision Detection - Young J. Kim, Ming C. Lin and Dinesh Manocha
  • Actuator Modeling and Simulation - Jörn Malzahn, Victor Barasuol and Klaus Janschek
  • Sensor Calibration, Modeling, and Simulation - Qianli Ma and Gregory S. Chirikjian
  • Simulation for Control - KangKang Yin, Libin Liu and Michiel van de Panne
  • Simulation for AI - Tadahiro Taniguchi
  • Free Simulation Software and Library - Barkan Ugurlu and Serena Ivaldi
  • Part IX Human-Humanoid Interaction
  • Human-Humanoid Interaction: Overview - Guido Herrmann and Ute Leonards
  • Joint Action in Humans: A Model for Human-Robot Interaction - Arianna Curioni, Gunther Knoblich and Natalie Sebanz
  • Movement-Based Communication for Humanoid-Human Interaction - Giulio Sandini, Alessandra Sciutti and Francesco Rea
  • Enriching the Human-Robot Interaction Loop with Natural, Semantic, and Symbolic Gestures - Katrin Solveig Lohan, Hagen Lehmann, Christian Dondrup, Frank Broz and Hatice Kose
  • Applications in HHI: Physical Cooperation - Markus Rickert, Andre Gaschler and Alois Knoll
  • Speech and Language in Humanoid Robots - Angelo Cangelosi and Tetsuya Ogata
  • Human-Robot Teaming: Approaches from Joint Action and Dynamical Systems - Tariq Iqbal and Laurel D. Riek
  • Embodiment, Situatedness, and Morphology for Humanoid Robots Interacting with People - Blanca Miller and David Feil-Seifer
  • Empathy as Signalling Feedback Between Humanoid Robots and Humans - Tatsuya Nomura
  • Dynamic Control for Human-Humanoid Interaction - S. G. Khan, S. Bendoukha and M. N. Mahyuddin
  • Assistive Humanoid Robots for the Elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment - François Ferland, Roxana Agrigoroaie and Adriana Tapus
  • Safe and Trustworthy Human-Robot Interaction - Dejanira Araiza-Illan and Kerstin Eder
  • Ethical Issues of Humanoid-Human Interaction - Rafael Capurro
  • Part X Humanoid Sensing, Actuation, and Intelligence
  • Pneumatic Prime Movers - Tim Swift
  • Transmissions - Christopher McQuin
  • Importance of Humanoid Robot Detection - Taher Abbas Shangari, Soroush Sadeghnejad and Jacky Baltes
  • Humanoid Multi-robot Systems - John E. Anderson
  • Multi-Axis Force-Torque Sensor - Jung-Hoon Kim
  • Applications of IMU in Humanoid Robot - Qiang Huang and Si Zhang
  • Range Sensors: Ultrasonic Sensors, Kinect, and LiDAR - Jongmoo Choi
  • Tactile Sensing - Lorenzo Natale and Giorgio Cannata
  • Sensor Fusion and State Estimation of the Robot - Francesco Nori, Silvio Traversaro and Maurice Fallon
  • Part XI Applications of Humanoids
  • Humanoid Robot Applications: Introduction - Rodolphe Gelin and Jean-Paul Laumond
  • Humanoid Robots for Entertainment - Steven “Mouse” Silverstein and Katsu Yamane
  • Humanoid Robots in Education: A Short Review - Amit Kumar Pandey and Rodolphe Gelin
  • Application of Nextage: Next-Generation Industrial Robot - Kensuke Harada
  • Toward New Humanoid Applications: Wearable Device Evaluation Through Human Motion Reproduction - Eiichi Yoshida, Ko Ayusawa, Yumeko Imamura and Takayuki Tanaka
  • Inclusion of Humanoid Robots in Human Society: Ethical Issues - Raja Chatila