Health Reference Series: Smoking Concerns Sourcebook

Editor/Author Williams, Angela L.
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

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ISBN: 978-1-78785-382-9
Category: Health & Medicine - Medicine
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Table of Contents

Smoking Concerns Sourcebook, Second Edition provides basic consumer health information about nicotine addiction and smoking cessation, with facts about the health effects of tobacco use, including lung and other cancers, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory disorders such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, along with information about smoking-prevention programs, suggestions for achieving and maintaining a smoke-free lifestyle, statistics about tobacco use, reports on current research initiatives, a glossary of related terms, directories of resources for additional help and information, and an index.

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Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • Part I: Smoking and Tobacco Products: An Overview
    • Chapter 1—Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products: The Facts
    • Chapter 2—Understanding Nicotine Addiction
    • Chapter 3—What's in Tobacco Products?
    • Chapter 4—Types of Smoked Tobacco Products
    • Chapter 5—Smokeless Tobacco Products
    • Chapter 6—Recent Trends in Tobacco Consumption
    • Chapter 7—Economic Costs of Smoking
    • Chapter 8—Marijuana: Are Hazards Similar to Those for Tobacco?
    • Chapter 9—Tobacco-Use Statistics
    • Chapter 10—Tobacco Use among Specific Populations
    • Chapter 11—Minors’ Access to Tobacco Products
    • Chapter 12—Burden of Tobacco Use in the United States
    • Part II: Tobacco-Related Health Hazards
    • Chapter 13—The Health Consequences of Smoking
    • Chapter 14—Tobacco and Cancer
    • Chapter 15—Smoking and Respiratory Diseases
    • Chapter 16—Smoking and Cardiovascular Diseases
    • Chapter 17—Smoking and Mental Health
    • Chapter 18—Women's Health and Smoking
    • Chapter 19—Men's Health and Smoking
    • Chapter 20—Smoking and Other Specific Health Consequences
    • Part III: Smoking Cessation
    • Chapter 21—Quitting Smoking
    • Chapter 22—Products to Quit Smoking
    • Chapter 23—Smokeless Tobacco: Quitting
    • Chapter 24—Quitting as a Woman
    • Chapter 25—Medications for Smoking Cessation
    • Chapter 26—Using Bupropion (Zyban®)
    • Chapter 27—Genetics and Quitting
    • Chapter 28—Overcoming Challenges When Quitting
    • Chapter 29—Lifestyle Modifications and Smoking Cessation
    • Chapter 30—Health Benefits of Quitting
    • Chapter 31—Quitting Smoking and Mood Changes
    • Chapter 32—Relationships and Quitting Smoking
    • Chapter 33—Relapse: What If You Have a Cigarette?
    • Part IV: Tobacco-Related Research
    • Chapter 34—Link between Maternal Smoking and Child Behavior
    • Chapter 35—Are Health Risks Different for Flavored Tobacco Products?
    • Chapter 36—Combination of Genes and Prenatal Exposure to Smoking Increases Disruptive Behavior Risk
    • Chapter 37—Research on Tobacco Use
    • Chapter 38—ASSIST: Americans Stop Smoking Intervention Study
    • Chapter 39—Low-Income, Rural Kids at Higher Risk for Second- or Third-Hand Smoke Exposure
    • Chapter 40—Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health
    • Part V: Tobacco Control and Use Prevention
    • Chapter 41—Preventing Tobacco Use
    • Chapter 42—Comprehensive Tobacco-Control Programs
    • Chapter 43—Why Quitting Is Hard
    • Chapter 44—Dealing with Secondhand Smoke
    • Chapter 45—Clean Indoor-Air Regulations
    • Chapter 46—Healthy People 2020: Goals for Reducing Tobacco Use
    • Chapter 47—Preventing Tobacco Use during Pregnancy
    • Chapter 48—Talking to Your Teens about Tobacco
    • Chapter 49—Regulating Tobacco Advertising and Promotion
    • Chapter 50—Health Warnings for Cigarettes: What You Need to Know
    • Part VI: Additional Help and Information
    • Chapter 51—Glossary of Terms Related to Tobacco Use and Smoking Cessation
    • Chapter 52—Tobacco Information and Control Resources
    • Chapter 53—Smoking Cessation: Hotlines, Helplines, and Internet Resources