Health Reference Series: Fitness and Exercise Sourcebook

Editor: Williams, Angela L.
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

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ISBN: 978-1-78785-653-0
Category: Health & Medicine - Exercise
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

Fitness and Exercise Sourcebook, Sixth Edition provides information about the health benefits of physical activity.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part I: The Health Benefits of Physical Activity
  • Chapter 1—Physical Activity Has Many Health Benefits
  • Chapter 2—Importance of Physical Activity
  • Chapter 3—Physical Activity and Disease Prevention
  • Chapter 4—Physical Activity and Mental Health
  • Chapter 5—Physical Activity for Healthy Weight
  • Part II: Guidelines for Lifelong Physical Fitness
  • Chapter 6—Self-Reported Prevalence of Inactivity among Adults 50 Years and Older
  • Chapter 7—Understanding the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
  • Chapter 8—Physical Fitness and Children
  • Chapter 9—Physical Fitness and Teenagers
  • Chapter 10—Promoting Physical Activity in Children and Teenagers
  • Chapter 11—Guidelines for Schools in Promoting Health and Fitness
  • Chapter 12—Physical Fitness and Adults
  • Chapter 13—Physical Fitness and the Elderly
  • Part III: Start Moving
  • Chapter 14—Keep Active and Eat Healthy
  • Chapter 15—Ways to Add Physical Activity to Your Life
  • Chapter 16—Make a Fitness Plan and Stick with It
  • Chapter 17—Overcoming Barriers to Exercise
  • Chapter 18—Measuring Physical Activity Intensity and Physical Fitness
  • Chapter 19—Choosing Physical Fitness Partners
  • Chapter 20—Joining a Gym
  • Chapter 21—Personal Trainers and Equipment
  • Part IV: Exercise Basics
  • Chapter 22—Exercise and Physical Fitness
  • Chapter 23—Four Types of Exercises
  • Chapter 24—Step Aerobics
  • Chapter 25—Martial Arts
  • Chapter 26—Aquatic Exercise
  • Chapter 27—Walking and Hiking
  • Chapter 28—Bicycling
  • Chapter 29—Running
  • Chapter 30—Strength and Resistance Exercise
  • Chapter 31—Stretching and Flexibility Exercises
  • Chapter 32—Combined Exercise
  • Chapter 33—Mind-Body Exercise
  • Part V: Fitness Safety
  • Chapter 34—Safe Physical Activity
  • Chapter 35—Workout Safety
  • Chapter 36—Nutrition and Exercise
  • Chapter 37—Preventing Sports Injuries
  • Chapter 38—Overtraining in Women and the Risk to Bone Health
  • Chapter 39—Exercising Safely Outdoors
  • Part VI: Physical Fitness for People with Health Conditions
  • Chapter 40—Introduction to Exercise with a Chronic Health Condition
  • Chapter 41—Physical Activity for People with Disabilities
  • Chapter 42—Physical Fitness for People Who Are Overweight
  • Chapter 43—Physical Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Chapter 44—Physical Fitness for People with Bone Disorders
  • Chapter 45—Physical Fitness for People with Asthma
  • Chapter 46—Physical Fitness for People with Diabetes
  • Chapter 47—Physical Fitness and Cancer
  • Part VII: Health and Wellness Trends
  • Chapter 48—Fitness and Exercise Trends
  • Chapter 49—Wellness or Fitness Tourism
  • Chapter 50—Online Fitness Training
  • Chapter 51—Fitness Wearables and Wearable Technology
  • Part VIII: Additional Help and Information
  • Chapter 52—Glossary of Terms Related to Fitness and Exercise
  • Chapter 53—Directory of Fitness Resources