Substance Abuse and Addiction

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Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: IGI Global

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ISBN: 978-1-5225-7666-2
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Table of Contents

Substance Abuse and Addiction: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice is an authoritative resource that comprehensively examines the prevalence, assessment, causes, and impacts of substance abuse and addiction from cultural, legal, psychosocial, theoretical, and medical viewpoints.

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Table of Contents

  • Editorial Advisory Board
  • Preface
  • Section 1: Addiction and Mental Health
  • Chapter 1: Management of Chronic Mental Illnesses and Substance Use Disorders
  • Chapter 2: Mental Health and Addictions Workforce Development
  • Chapter 3: Supporting People Who Experience Co-Existing Mental Health and Addiction Problems
  • Section 2: Alcohol and Drug Addiction
  • Chapter 4: Smoking, Implicit Attitudes, and Context-Sensitivity
  • Chapter 5: The Ethics of Neuroenhancement
  • Chapter 6: The Impact of Parental Substance Abuse on Children
  • Chapter 7: EEG Based Detection of Alcoholics
  • Chapter 8: The Diabetes, Depression, and Alcohol Triad
  • Chapter 9: Effects of Alcohol Policy on Population Variables and Control Measures
  • Section 3: Digital Addiction
  • Chapter 10: Internet Addiction
  • Chapter 11: A Review of Internet Addiction on the Basis of Different Countries (2007–2017)
  • Chapter 12: Personality, Internet Addiction, and Other Technological Addictions
  • Chapter 13: Predicting Dysfunctional Internet Use
  • Chapter 14: Exploring the Relationship Between Sport Fan Identification and Addiction to Digital Sports Media
  • Chapter 15: Nomophobia
  • Chapter 16: Socio-Psychological Dimensions of Mobile Phone Addiction and Usage Patterns Amongst Teenagers in Higher Institutions of Learning in Kwara State
  • Chapter 17: Psychological Traits, Addiction Symptoms, and Feature Usage as Predictors of Problematic Smartphone Use Among University Students in China
  • Section 4: Gaming Addiction
  • Chapter 18: Social Contributors and Consequences of Habitual and Compulsive Game Play
  • Chapter 19: Dysfunctional Use of Online Gaming and Socio-Emotional Adaptation at School
  • Section 5: Intervention and Treatment
  • Chapter 20: Exploring the Risk Factors of Interactive E-Health Interventions for Digital Addiction
  • Chapter 21: Psychosocial Intervention Studies for Street Children With Substance Abuse
  • Chapter 22: Addressing Addictive Behaviors in the Workplace
  • Chapter 23: Behavioral Health Workforce Development in the United States