Handbook of Research on International Collaboration, Economic Development, and Sustainability in the Arctic

Editor/Author Erokhin, Vasilii, Gao, Tianming and Zhang, Xiuhua
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: IGI Global

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ISBN: 978-1-5225-6954-1
Category: Science - Environmental sciences
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Research on International Collaboration, Economic Development, and Sustainability in the Arctic discusses the perspectives and major challenges of the investment collaboration and development and commercial use of trade routes in the Arctic.

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Table of Contents

  • Practice, Progress, and Proficiency in Sustainability (PPPS) Book Series
  • Foreword
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgment
  • Section 1: International Collaboration
  • Chapter 1: History of International Collaboration on the Exploration and Development of the Arctic
  • Chapter 2: Arctic Connectivity for Sustainable Development: Major Actors, Policies, and Approaches
  • Chapter 3: Trans-Arctic Interactions and Cross-Country Collaboration
  • Chapter 4: Arctic Regional Security
  • Chapter 5: Securitization of the Arctic: A Need for a Regional Security Architecture
  • Chapter 6: Arctic Europe Between National Interests and Arctic Governance
  • Section 2: Economic Development
  • Chapter 7: Going North: China’s Role in the Arctic Blue Economic Corridor
  • Chapter 8: Collaboration Between Russia and the Countries of Northeast Asia in the Arctic
  • Chapter 9: Non-Arctic Countries of Asia and Russia: Investment Collaboration in the High North
  • Chapter 10: Russia-China Collaboration in the Arctic: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Chapter 11: Minerals and Fisheries in the Arctic: A Geo-Economic Comparison of India and China
  • Chapter 12: Innovation-Driven Growth of Tourist Destinations in the Russian Arctic: Challenges to Sustainable Development
  • Chapter 13: Images of Norway as a Tourist Destination From Russian Travel Bloggers' Perspective
  • Section 3: Connectivity
  • Chapter 14: Northern Sea Route: International Law Perspectives
  • Chapter 15: Conventional and Deep-Water Shipping Passages Along the Northern Sea Route
  • Chapter 16: Seaport Facilities in Maritime Transport Infrastructure in the Arctic
  • Chapter 17: Regional Aspects of the Arctic Ice Silk Road: Case of Heilongjiang Province, China
  • Section 4: Sustainability
  • Chapter 18: Sustainable Development of the Arctic: Approaches to Monitoring and Assessment
  • Chapter 19: Temperature in the Arctic and the Antarctic: The Differently Directed Trends
  • Chapter 20: International Legal Aspects of Environmental Management in the Arctic: Theory and Practice
  • Chapter 21: Sustainable Development of Oil Production in the Arctic Shelf and Evolution of Fish Stock
  • Chapter 22: Russia's Circumpolar Territories Inhabited by Indigenous Peoples: Economic and Legal Aspects of Development
  • Chapter 23: Russian Arctic Cities' Sustainable Development Strategies
  • Chapter 24: Forensic Support in Remote Territories of Russian Arctic: The Realities of Modern Education
  • Section 5: Food and Nutrition Security
  • Chapter 25: Forecasting of Food Security and Sustainable Development of Rural Territories in Russia's North
  • Chapter 26: Omega-3 Fatty Acids as an Essential Nutritional Element in the High North
  • Chapter 27: Special Legume-Based Food as a Solution to Food and Nutrition Insecurity Problem in the Arctic
  • Chapter 28: New Approaches to Agricultural Production Management in the Arctic: Organic Farming and Food Security