Handbook of Green Economics

Editors: Acar, Sevil and Yeldan, Erinc
Publication Year: 2019
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology

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ISBN: 978-0-12-816635-2
Category: Science - Environmental sciences
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Table of Contents

Handbook of Green Economics reveals the breadth and depth of advanced research on sustainability and growth, also identifying opportunities for future developments. Through its multidimensional examination, it demonstrates how overarching concepts, such as green growth, low carbon economy, circular economy and others work together.

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Table of Contents

    • Contributors
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1 – Greening the national accounts: basic concepts and a case study of historical environmental accounting for Sweden 1 - Magnus Lindmark
    • Chapter 2 – How to handle natural capital within the context of the green economy? - Cristián Ducoing
    • Chapter 3 – Long waves and the sustainability transition - Mark Swilling
    • Chapter 4 – Greening of industry in a resource-and environment-constrained world - Izzet Ari and Riza Fikret Yikmaz
    • Chapter 5 – Smart cities as drivers of a green economy - Osman Balaban
    • Chapter 6 – Environmental justice, climate justice, and the green economy - Begüm Özkaynak
    • Chapter 7 – Balancing climate injustice: a proposal for global carbon tax - Rohit Azad and Shouvik Chakraborty
    • Chapter 8 – Riders on the storm: how hard did Robert Gordon’s environmental headwind blow in the past? - Magnus Lindmark and Sevil Acar
    • Chapter 9 – Economic instruments of greening - A. Erinç Yeldan
    • Chapter 10 – Financing the green economy - Burçu Unüvar