Homeless Older Populations

Editor/Author Chau, Diane and Gass, Arnold P.
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-0-8261-7016-3
Category: Social Sciences
Image Count: 14
Book Status: Pending
Predicted Release Month: March 2019
Table of Contents

Filled with key insights and field-tested knowledge, this is a concise, hands-on guide to how interdisciplinary team strategies can advance the care of older homeless adults. The book encompasses research evidence, education-based initiatives, and systems thinking, and describes how to implement promising health care outlooks for diverse elderly populations in a variety of localities.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • 1. Definition, Background, and Case Studies of Geriatric Homelessness - Gass, Arnold P. Mahan, Zack and Balfour Marie
  • 2. Chronic Mental Health Issues (Psychosis) in the Geriatric Homeless - Gannon, Jamie and Hsu Alan
  • 3. Neurocognitive Disorders in the Geriatric Homeless Population - Holloway, Rachael and Tiamson-Kassab Maria
  • 4. Depression and Grief in Homeless Older Adults - Maglione, Jeanne Kalisuch, Kristoffer and Iglewicz Alana
  • 5. Ethical and Legal Issues in the Geriatric Homeless - Joshi, Yash and Beizai Kristin
  • 6. Housing and Social Issues in Homeless Care - Harvie, Helena and Rumore Robert
  • 7. Infectious Diseases in Homeless Geriatrics Population: Part I: Viral - Aminbakhsh, Roxana Strong, Roger A. Chau, Diane VafadaranAshkan and Faroughi Elham
  • 8. Infectious Diseases in Homeless Geriatrics Population: Part II: Bacterial Infections, Tuberculosis, and Arthropods Infestation - Aminbakhsh, Roxana Gibson, Therese Chau, Diane Melvin, Ashlyn Nebelsick-Tagg, Marilee Vafadaran, Ashkan and Faroughi Elham
  • 9. Cardiovascular Disease in Homeless Older Adults - Palmer, Beth Sabet, Amin McGuirk, Dianne M. and Slama Shannon
  • 10. Geriatric Diabetic Homeless Patients and Their Care - Garcia, Stephanie Diana Neel, Ian Curtis Gonzalez, Veronica Mansour, Marlina and Romero Jairo
  • 11. Geriatric Nutrition and Homelessness - Clark, Victoria and Lake Elizabeth
  • 12. Barriers and Applications of Medication Therapy Management in the Homeless Population - Krcmarik, Kevin M.
  • 13. Dermatologic Conditions in the Homeless Population - Romero, Laura S. Broder, Kevin Natsis, Nicola and Bodor Richard
  • 14. End-of-Life Considerations in Homelessness and Aging - Conright, Kelly Simonis, Ruth Waqar, Muhammad Atif and Chau Diane