Forensic Social Work

Editor/Author Maschi, Tina and Leibowitz, George Stuart
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-8261-2067-0
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
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Table of Contents

This extensively revised edition reviews the latest research and practices in forensic social work. Readers learn to integrate socio-legal knowledge when working with diverse populations in a variety of settings.

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Table of Contents

    • Contributors
    • Preface
    • Acknowledgments
    • Part I. A Human Rights and Social Justice Approach to Forensic Practice
    • 1. Conceptual and Historical Overview of Forensic Social Work - Tina Maschi, George S. Leibowitz and Mary Lou Killian
    • 2. Life Course Systems Power Analysis: Understanding Health and Justice Disparities for Forensic Assessment and Intervention - Tina Maschi and George S. Leibowitz
    • 3. Human Rights: Some Implications for Social Work - Rosemary Barbera
    • 4. Social Work and the Law: An Overview of Ethics, Social Work, and Civil and Criminal Law - David Axlyn McLeod
    • Part II. Systems of Care and Forensic Practice
    • 5. Education, Social Work, and the Law - Carolyn Bradley and Karen J. Dunn
    • 6. Thinking Outside the Box: Tackling Health Inequities Through Forensic Social Work Practice - Karen Bullock, Jodi Hall and David Fitzpatrick
    • 7. Housing - Tam Perry, Vanessa Rorai and Claudia Sanford
    • 8. Employment at the Intersection of the Juvenile Justice System - Rebecca Linn-Walton
    • 9. Families as a System in Forensic Practice - Nancy J. Mezey, Tina Maschi and George S. Leibowitz
    • 10. Family and Social Services: Meeting Basic Human Needs of Income, Food, and Shelter - Anne Sparks
    • 11. Child Welfare - George S. Leibowitz, R. Anna Hayward-Everson and Carl Mazza
    • 12. Domestic Violence - Joan Pennell
    • 13. Substance Use and Co-Occurring Psychiatric Disorders Treatment: Systems and Issues for Those in Jail, Prison, and on Parole - Keith Morgen, Kelsey Denison-Vesel, Abigail Voelkner, Carolyn Brouard, Jaclyn Smith and Alissa Nowak
    • 14. Critical Issues, Trends, and Interventions in Juvenile Justice - Wesley T. Church II, George S. Leibowitz and Tina Maschi
    • 15. The Criminal Justice System: A History of Mass Incarceration With Implications for Forensic Social Work - Kirk James
    • 16. Adult Protective Services at the Intersection of Aging and Disability - Joy Swanson Ernst, Patricia Brownell and Tina Maschi
    • 17. Justice-Involved Veterans: Programs and Services - Kelli Canada, Clark Peters and Danielle Easter
    • 18. The Immigrant Justice System - Carol L. Cleaveland
    • 19. Intersectoral Collaboration: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Homelessness Among Vulnerable Populations - David Fitzpatrick, Jodi Hall and Karen Bullock
    • Part III. Core Skills: Practice, Research and Evaluation, Policy, and Advocacy
    • 20. Empirically Informed Forensic Social Work Practice - Melissa D. Grady, Jill Levenson and David S. Prescott
    • 21. Motivational Interviewing - David S. Prescott and George S. Leibowitz
    • 22. Forensic Interviewing - Susan P. Robbins
    • 23. Expert Witness Testimony in Forensic Practice and Justice Systems - Shreya Mandal
    • 24. Restorative Justice and Community Well-Being: Visualizing Theories, Practices, and Research—Part 1 - Johannes Wheeldon
    • 25. Restorative Justice: What Social Workers Need to Do—Part 2 - Katherine van Wormer
    • 26. Empowerment and Feminist Practice With Forensic Populations - Sandra Turner
    • 27. Family Engagement and Social Work in Statutory Settings - Gale Burford
    • 28. Collaboration and Care Coordination - Ida Dickie and Tina Maschi
    • 29. Human Rights Issues and Research With Prisoners and Other Vulnerable Populations: Where Does Evidence-Based Practice Go From Here? - Sandy Gibson
    • 30. Forensic Research and Evaluation: Program and Policy Interventions That Promote Human Rights and Social Justice - Tina Maschi, George S. Leibowitz and Joanne Rees
    • 31. Case Level and Policy Advocacy - Eileen Klein
    • 32. Victim Advocacy - Marie Mele
    • 33. Family Televisiting: An Innovative Psychologist-Directed Program to Increase Resilience and Reduce Trauma Among Children With Incarcerated Parents - Frank J. Corigliano