A Handbook for Caring Science

Editor/Author Rosa, William, Watson, Jean and Horton-Deutsch, Sara
Publication Year: 2018
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-8261-3389-2
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
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Table of Contents

This groundbreaking work is an encyclopedic reference on the full spectrum of Human Caring Science.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Introduction: Ontology, Epistemology, and the Lived Experience of Caring Science - Marilyn A. Ray, Marlaine C. Smith, Marian C. Turkel, and Grissel Hernandez-Kertland
  • I. The Disciplinary Discourse: Theories and Frameworks Evolving to Unitary Caring Science
  • 2. Unitary Caring Science: Disciplinary Evolution of Nursing - Jean Watson, Marlaine C. Smith, and W. Richard Cowling, III
  • 3. The Evolution of Nursing's Ethics of Caring - Peggy L. Chinn
  • 4. Caring as Emancipatory Nursing Praxis: The Theory of Relational Caring Complexity - Marilyn A. Ray and Marian C. Turkel
  • 5. Caring in African Ontology—Ubuntu - Anna Nolte and Charlene Downing
  • 6. Caring Science–Native Science: Paving Pathways of Courageous Authenticity, Advocacy, and Agency - Shawna M. McDermott
  • 7. Developing the Knowledge of Human Caring - Jacqueline Fawcett
  • II. Converging Paradigms: Constructing New Worldviews
  • 8. Caring Science and Heart Science: A Guide to Heart-Centered Praxis - Jean Watson and Robert Browning
  • 9. Expanding Global Reach Through a Massive Open Online Course in Mindfulness and Caring - Kathleen Sitzman
  • 10. Conscious Dying: Human Caring Amid Pain and Suffering - William Rosa, Tarron Estes, Stephanie Hope, and Jean Watson
  • 11. Reflective Practice and Caring Science - Sara Horton-Deutsch and William Rosa
  • 12. Linking the Unitary Paradigm to Policy Through a Synthesis of Caring Science and Integrative Nursing - Mary Koithan, Mary Jo Kreitzer, and Jean Watson
  • III. Caring Science Literacy: From Caritas to Global Communitas
  • 13. Ways of Being/Knowing/Becoming - Jean Watson and Sara Horton-Deutsch
  • 14. Curriculum Development Processes and Pedagogical Practices for Advancing Caring Science Literacy - Marcia Hills and Chantal Cara
  • 15. Loving-Kindness and Equanimity: Illuminating the Nursing Literature Through a Caring Lens - Zane Robinson Wolf and Marian C. Turkel
  • IV. Caritas Literacy as a Foundation for Nursing Education
  • 16. Teaching From the Heart - Nancy Vitali
  • 17. Developing Values and Philosophies of Being - Lisa Lally Flack and Donnean Thrall
  • 18. Fostering Metamorphosis Through Caring Literacy in an RN-to-BSN Program - Mark D. Beck
  • 19. Nurturing Doctorally Prepared Caring Scientists - Sara Horton-Deutsch, Kathy Oman, and Karen Sousa
  • 20. Advancing Caring Science Through the Missions of Teaching, Research/Scholarship, Practice, and Service - Marlaine C. Smith
  • V. Authenticating Caring Science Through Scholarly Inquiry
  • 21. Leading From the Heart: Caring, Love, Peace and Values Guiding Leadership - Marian C. Turkel
  • 22. Evaluation of Authentic Human Caring Professional Practices - Barbara B. Brewer and Jean Watson
  • 23. The Evolution of Knowledge Development Related to Caring in Online Classrooms and Beyond - Kathleen Sitzman
  • VI. Touching the Space of Praxis
  • 24. Caring Inquiry Methodology: The Aesthetic Process in the Way of Compassion - Marilyn A. Ray
  • 25. Holding Sacred Space for Loving-Kindness and Equanimity for Self/Others - Joseph Giovannoni
  • 26. Mutual Vulnerability: Creating Healing Environments That Nurture Wholeness and Well-Being - Beth M. King and Charlotte D. Barry
  • 27. Integrating Caring Science and Caritas Into Professional Practice - Linda Ryan
  • VII. Redefining Healthcare Through Heart-Centered Wisdom
  • 28. A Blueprint for Caritas Health “Care” - Jacqueline G. Somerville and Susan M. Lee
  • 29. Kaiser Permanente Patient Care Services Northern California: The Adaptation of Caring Science - Anne M. Foss-Durant and Shawna M. McDermott
  • 30. Nursing as Love: A Hermeneutical Phenomenological Study of the Creative Thought Within Nursing - Marlienne Goldin
  • VIII. Global Caring Science
  • 31. The Essential Nature of Caring Partnerships: Contextual Relevance and Cross-Cultural Ethical Considerations - Michele J. Upvall, Diane L. Gullett, and William Rosa
  • 32. Scandinavian Caring Sciences - Charlotte Delmar
  • 33. Caring Practices in an Era of Conflict: Middle East Nurses - Julie Benbenishty and Jordan R. Hannink
  • 34. Caritas, Peace, and Change in Japan - Mayumi Tsutsui, Rina Emoto, and Jean Watson
  • 35. Caritas Nursing and Professional Practice in Peru - Patrick A. Palmieri
  • 36. Toward Planetary Caring: Sustainable Health and Well-Being for All - William Rosa
  • IX. Emerging Inquiry: The Evolution of a Science
  • 37. Unitary Caring Science Inquiry - Marian C. Turkel, Joseph Giovannoni, and Jean Watson
  • 38. Unitary Caring Science and Multicultural Perspectives - Joyce B. Perkins
  • 39. Unitary Caring Science: Evolving Society Toward Health, Healing, and Humanity - Jean Watson, Sara Horton-Deutsch, and William Rosa
  • X. Journeys Into the Transpersonal: Aesthetic Ways of Knowing
  • 40. Caritas Coaching: The Future of Health and Well-Being - Jan Anderson
  • 41. Creative Healing Arts - Mary Rockwood Lane
  • 42. Narrative Healing - A. Lynne Wagner
  • 43. The Power of Ritual in Nurses’ Everyday Lives: Personal and Professional Exemplars - Zane Robinson Wolf
  • 44. Photovoice: Qualitative Research Strategy for Theory-Guided Nursing Practice - Gayle L. Casterline
  • 45. Music and Poetry for Healing - Patrick Dean
  • 46. The Interplay of Integrative Nursing, Caring Science, and Healing Environments - Mary Jo Kreitzer and Terri Zborowsky
  • 47. Remembering Purpose: An Autoethnography - Anna Biley
  • 48. Caring Science and Yoga: The Human Caring Science-Kosha Model - Andy Davies
  • 49. The Embodiment of a Caring Nature - William Rosa
  • 50. Conclusion: Going Forward in Interconnectedness and Compassion - Jeanne Anselmo
  • Bridge to the Future: Frontier or Fantasy? Nursing Caring in the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem - Rozzano C. Locsin, Marguerite Purnell, and Hirokazu Ito
  • Appendix A: Tools for Caring Science Measurement and Research
  • Appendix B: Caritas Coach Abstracts
  • Appendix C: Caring Science Literature: The Annals of Caring