Wiley Clinical Psychology Handbooks: The Wiley Handbook of Evolutionary Neuroscience

Editor/Author Shepherd, Stephan V.
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-119-99469-5
Category: Psychology
Image Count: 140
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Table of Contents

Comprehensive and authoritative, The Wiley Handbook of Evolutionary Neuroscience unifies the diverse strands of an interdisciplinary field exploring the evolution of brains and cognition.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Contributors
  • Preface
  • The Brain Evolved to Guide Action - Michael Anderson, Anthony Chemero
  • The Evolution of Evolutionary Neuroscience - Suzana Herculano-Houzel
  • Approaches to the Study of Brain Evolution - Jon H. Kaas
  • Intraneuronal Computation: Charting the Signaling Pathways of the Neuron - Jorge Navarro, Raquel del Moral, Pedro C. Marijuán
  • The Evolution of Neurons - Robert W. Meech
  • The First Nervous System - Nadia Riebli, Heinrich Reichert
  • Fundamental Constraints on the Evolution of Neurons - A. Aldo Faisal, Ali Neishabouri
  • The Central Nervous System of Invertebrates - Volker Hartenstein
  • Nervous System Architecture in Vertebrates - Mario F. Wullimann
  • Neurotransmission—Evolving Systems - Michel Anctil
  • Neural Development in Invertebrates - Roger P. Croll
  • Forebrain Development in Vertebrates: The Evolutionary Role of Secondary Organizers - Luis Puelles
  • Brain Evolution and Development: Allometry of the Brain and Arealization of the Cortex - Diarmuid J. Cahalane, Barbara L. Finlay
  • Comparative Aspects of Learning and Memory - Michael Koch
  • Brain Evolution, Development, and Plasticity - Rayna M. Harris, Lauren A. O'Connell, Hans A. Hofmann
  • Neural Mechanisms of Communication - Julia Sliwa, Daniel Y. Takahashi, Stephen V. Shepherd
  • Social Coordination: From Ants to Apes - Anne Böckler, Anna Wilkinson, Ludwig Huber, Natalie Sebanz
  • Social Learning, Intelligence, and Brain Evolution - Sally E. Street, Kevin N. Laland
  • Reading Other Minds - Juliane Kaminski