Wiley-Blackwell Handbooks in Organizational Psychology: The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Positivity and Strengths-Based Approaches at Work

Editor/Author Oades, Lindsay G., Steger, Michael and Delle Fave, Antonelle et.al
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-118-97765-1
Category: Psychology
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Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This handbook makes a unique contribution to organizational psychology and HRM by providing comprehensive international coverage of the contemporary field of positivity and strengths-based approaches at work. It provides critical reviews of key topics such as resilience, wellbeing, hope, motivation, flow, authenticity, positive leadership and engagement, drawing on the work of leading thinkers including Kim Cameron, Shane Lopez, Peter Clough and Robert Biswas-Diener.

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Table of Contents

    • About the Editors
    • About the Contributors
    • Foreword
    • Series Preface
    • Supported Charity: Railway Children
    • The Psychology of Positivity and Strengths-Based Approaches at Work - Lindsay G. Oades, Michael F. Steger, Antonella Delle Fave, and Jonathan Passmore
    • Individual Approaches to Positive Psychology at Work
    • The Psychology of Positivity at Work - Suzy Green, Michelle McQuaid, Alicia Purtell, and Aylin Dulagil
    • Psychological Strengths at Work - Robert Biswas-Diener, Todd B. Kashdan, and Nadezhda Lyubchik
    • Hope at Work - Christian A. Wandeler, Susana C. Marques, and Shane J. Lopez
    • Creating Meaning and Purpose at Work - Michael F. Steger
    • Optimal Motivation at Work - Christopher P. Niemiec, and Gordon B. Spence
    • Flow at Work - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Sonal Khosla, and Jeanne Nakamura
    • Mindfulness at Work - Gordon B. Spence
    • Resilience at Work - Andrew Denovan, Lee Crust, and Peter J. Clough
    • Mental Fitness at Work - Paula Robinson, and Lindsay G. Oades
    • Positive Relationships at Work - Sue Roffey
    • Humility at Work - Don E. Davis, Joshua N. Hook, Cirleen DeBlaere, and Vanessa Placeres
    • Compassion at Work - Tim Anstiss
    • Organizational Approaches to Positive Psychology at Work
    • Good Work: The Meaning-Centered Approach (MCA) - Paul T. P. Wong, Itai Ivtzan, and Tim Lomas
    • Workplace and Organizational Well-Being - Lindsay G. Oades, and Aylin Dulagil
    • Positive Approaches to Organizational Change - Stefan P. Cantore
    • Positive Approaches to Leadership Development - Doug MacKie
    • Employee Engagement - Sebastiaan Rothmann
    • Job Crafting - Gavin R. Slemp
    • Positive Approaches to Mid-Life Careers - Sung-Kyung Yoo, and Hyjin Lee
    • Positive Organizations and Maturing Workers - Jeanette N. Cleveland, Gwenith G. Fisher, and Kevin M. Walters
    • Positive Psychological Assessment for the Workplace - Aaron Jarden, and Rebecca Jarden
    • International Business Applications of Positive Psychology
    • Well-Being in Health Professionals: Positive Psychology at Work - Ulrich Wiesmann
    • The Well-Being of Teachers and Professors - Brittany Branand, and Jeanne Nakamura
    • The Well-Being of Information Technology Professionals - Kamlesh Singh, and Mohita Junnarkar
    • Well-Being in the Arts and Crafts Sector - Antonella Delle Fave, and Gaja Zager Kocjan
    • The Well-Being of Workers in the Agricultural Sector - Lawrence Soosai-Nathan, and Antonella Delle Fave